Local shows beat international formats

Both new local adaptations of international formats Top Gear and Iron Chef lost a little ground last night.

It was Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation‘s Halloween episode that won the hour at 7:30pm with 1.24m viewers ahead of Top Gear Australia (1.07m) and Iron Chef Australia (915,000). For the record The 7:30 Report / Foreign Correspondent (803,000 / 672,000) and Insight‘s discussion on the NBN (175,000) followed.

Upholding the success of local product, the top show for the night was of course Packed to the Rafters on 1.68m viewers. But NCIS did well with 1.21m while Top Gear fans turned off an episode they had seen on SBS. It lagged behind on 713,000.

Debate that The 7PM Project has suffered from the Commonwealth Games interruption appears to be proving true. It was 691,000. No doubt Daylight Saving is also hitting it in some cities. Home and Away won the slot on 1m viewers.

Elsewhere Kevin McCloud: Slumming It premiered to 768,000, Survivor was 569,000 and Neighbours was down to just 539,000.

Seven won the night in network shares.

Week 44


  1. i used to watch 7pm project every night, then comm games came on…. 7mate has that 70s show on at 7pm……
    yeeeah, sorry guys.
    Comm games kinda screwed it for me. Same with Glee and the Simpsons.

  2. Local Iron Chef is a dog’s breakfast! I’m suspicious too that they’ve asked the guy who makes the comments as the chefs are cooking to try to sound like the authentic voiceover person in the original series. Very strange. Best program of the night was Slumming It … tragic, inspirational, fascinating, funny. Had a bit of everything.

  3. @ DB I never thought of that but it’s correct…perhaps it was a coincidence? And the girl on the Gen Y team from Rush…Wow! Might have to start watching!

  4. I agree with Todd. I was always thinking that Tuesday/Wednesday for X Factor would be the go because Sunday was tough on Idol but Seven decided Sunday was the night to put it. IMO they have missed the boat there. If it comes back next year which with the budget it may not unfortunately they should put it on Tuesday/Wednesday. Its where these shows have done well for Seven. I mean Australia’s Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars, My Kitchen Rules etc all have done well there in the past.

    As for Iron Chef its a piece of crap. Seven turned what was a good format into a bad one. I couldn’t believe it when i saw it.

  5. What is the deal with Top Gear(BBC version) How far behind are aussie viewers from current seasons etc etc Does CH9 have any unaired ones up their sleeves?

  6. I love Talkin’ ’bout Your Generation. More, more, more, I scream! I would also like to point out that both Charlie Pickering and Angus Sampson, who competed on behalf on Generation X last night, were dressed as characters portrayed by Michael Keaton on the big screen and no-one said a thing.

  7. I love the Japanese original – and caught about 5 minutes of the local version last night. Terrible, just terrible. The commentary was banal, there was no atmosphere. It won’t last.

    TAYG is still a strong show, but I feel it is getting the Spicks and Specks treatment – where the season is just far too long. Familiarity breeds contempt… Less episodes of these shows annually will make them last a few more years.

    I must admit (hate to do so) but I am rapidly moving from being a Charlie Pickering fan… to really not!

  8. Pretty bad figures for Iron Chef right there. And being an expensive show to make, I doubt Seven will film any more eps if it doesn’t pick up. I still think X Factor would be firing if the performance show was on Tuesday nights. The audition episode that screened in that slot did almost 1.5 million and the show has failed to repeat that success on Sundays/Mondays.

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