Mike & Molly and Sh*t My Dad Says update

I’ll just let the Nine’s own Releases do the talking here…

JULY 2010: Five new comedy programs are coming to Nine, fast-tracked from the US straight to Australian screens. Edgy, irreverent and outrageous, they all provide a rib-tickling slice of life that viewers will relate too.

This is the new comedy lineup that will go to air on Nine later in 2010 and into 2011: Hot in Cleveland, Mike & Molly, Sh*t My Dad Says, Mr. Sunshine, Episodes.

The latter two are yet to premiere in the US.

NOVEMBER: Mike & Molly and Sh*t My Dad Says will join Nine’s stellar comedy line-up in early 2011.


  1. Mike and molly is a wonderful show should be on more often it is people now in this generation being overweight they are the funniest show since two and a half men they are fantastic and should be more shows with bigger plump people in it they are like teddy bears you just want to squeeze

  2. well i Hope Nine have the decency in the absence of a Game Show at 7pm on weeknights has the decency to put these new shows after A Current Affair instead of subjecting Viewers to more 2.5 men.James Packers Dad must be rolling in his grave thinking whatever did happen to The Nightly Sale of the Century/Temptation and over the summer periods at one time Price is Right where the likes of Charlie Sheen exist now.

  3. Quite simply, Nine ran out of time, trying to play it safe.

    Wonder what that network will do once people actually stop watching Big Bang and Two and a Half Men having seen every episode enough times to know them word by word?

  4. Nine seems to want shows to rate quickly and just repeats the heck out of big bang, 2.5 men and top gear. They must think all we want to do is see the same thing over and over and are zombies.

    Are the ratings mistakes ? As again over 400,000 people keep watching Big Bang on GO!…even though they are repeating it for like the 4th time, the pilot episode was on the other day.

    They only now have brought the Middle back after trying 3 different timeslots. If only they could give others shows a chance eg Human Target and Dark Blue.
    Dark Blue moving to another channel with 2 eps remaining and Human Target which was taken off for 3 weeks is back and apparently will be off next week in place of a movie ?

  5. There’s another US Sitcom that Nine should look at, Better With You, It’s already rating Good in the States where ABC is airing it on Wednesday Nights after The Middle and before Modern Family.

  6. Mike & Molly is my new season fave though – the sister of Molly is an absolute gem, as is the mother.

    The waiter Samuel and the offsider cop’s grandma are also brilliant.

  7. I can’t see why we just simply can’t call it what it really should be – Sh*t isn’t a dirty word anymore.

    Better than CBS, which calls it laughingly “Bleep…”

    The show is actually funny. The first 2 eps are slow, the third is a riot (and gays will love it) and the 4th is hilarious.

  8. Why put new shows on when you can play Two and a half men, Big Bang theory and top gear every night of the week. What’s even more disturbing is that people watch these shows every night of the week. Channel 9 is just about demo’s, they rely on the young and stupid to watch brain dead shows. I miss Kerry Packer, gone are the days of quality on that network. I remember I use to watch channel 9 all of the time, now I would watch only about an 1 hour a week of that network and that happens to be Survivor.

  9. Hot in Cleveland should be on GEM only

    and one of those comedies I think Sh*t my dad says is apparently really bad.

    I personally don’t care whether a show is fastracked or not.

  10. No surprise’s then, even with 3 channels they can’t manage to keep their fats tracking promises!

    As for Mr. Sunshine and Episodes, correct me if I’m wrong but these were always planned to start in early 2011 in the US?

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