“No S#*!, Sherlock”

In July this year the Nine Network promised it would be fastracking new US comedies. But where are they?

In July this year the Nine Network promised it would be fastracking new US comedies.

Of the five shows, three have aired in the US, but only one has been screened in Australia.

Hot in Cleveland was (relatively) fastracked by Nine but Mike and Molly and S#*! My Dad Says remain announced.

Mike and Molly began in the US on September 20 while S#*! My Dad Says started on September 23.

Both Episodes and Mr. Sunshine featuring Matt LeBlance and Matthew Perry respectively are yet to premiere in the US.

Nine also told advertisers it would be fastracking The Mentalist, CSI, The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men but no airdates have been announced. It has also promised The Whole Truth, The Enforcers and Panic at Rock Island this year.

On a brighter note UK 3-parter Sherlock is expected to air from late October.

As for the others, will it ultimately prove to be a case of “No S#*!, Sherlock“?

Updated: Nine confirms The Mentalist 8:30pm Monday Oct 18, followed by Sherlock.

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  1. Yeah, I am not a fan of this “Commonwealth Games” excuse. I doubt ratings on Nine and Seven’s top shows (do they have any of those these days?) are rating badly because of the games?

    Tell me if I’m wrong…?

  2. @ Russel we can get upset, because ‘indicate’ they will fast tracked a show, loses its meaning if we wait a month after it has aired. I think ppl expect fast tracked to be quicker. That is all.

  3. Nine also keeps advertising Fringe on GO! as being fast tracked but they’ve already had 3 eps in the US. The really silly thing, if Nine is holding it off until after the Games, is that there wouldn’t be much intersection between the two audiences. They have a chance to be bold and establish a regular following before the Games finish but they haven’t got the cojones. It would fit in well just before Spartacus on Wed instead of 2.5 Spams.

  4. why the hell would they hold off because of the commonwealth games?

    no one is watching ten for 2 whole weeks, with half of the major competition out of the race what better time is there to launch a new show?

  5. I hope they can fast track quicker then Top Gear this year! You could fly there, pick up the tape and fly back in 2 days, why did it take them 2 weeks??? The phrase fast tracked no longer has meaning!

  6. We’ll Nine lied, it’s that simple!

    Okay maybe not. They always knew the Com Games would be on so I guess it depends on their definition of fast tracking. Maybe some shows should be tested now. All those shows listed have had 2 or 3 eps now and its probably a good 2 or 3 weeks before they will air. if they air this year.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but both Episodes and Mr. Sunshine won’t air in the US until the new year anyway?

    BTW Mike and Molly and S#*! My Dad Says are good, I like M&M more than Shatner though. And The Big Bang Theory is back on top again, this weeks ep was fantastically funny!

  7. Well… I have an idea.

    Is it possible they’re waiting for the end of the Commonwealth Games before launching the fast tracked shows?

    I mean that’s what they’re doing with Hey Hey.

  8. Did they really “promise” them?
    That is a very strong word, that I know you love to use David!
    But I’m not sure companies “promise” anything – especially TV networks.
    Companies of all sorts and certainly TV networks reserve the right to change their plans – it’s all about money in the end. Unless the press release said “promise” I don’t think we can get too upset.

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