Returning: Medium

There are strong premonitions that Alison DuBois is about to return.

A new series of Medium returns to Channel TEN this month.

Series 7 begins at 9:30pm Sunday October 17 following Offspring.

A missing homeless man is featured in the dreams of Allison and Bridgette, which results in the two switching personalities.

TEN had originally planned to screen Lone Star in the slot but US axings, alas, soon put an end to that.

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  1. Why cant TV channels keep programs to a simple schedule.
    Medium has flipped between Thursday and Sunday nights. Most people have regular lives with scheduled activities. If there is a good TV program on a night with no activities then you can watch and enjoy. As soon as the next series comes along its off to another night when you cant watch.

    House has been on Wednesday 8:30 for years. last series it gets switched to Sunday 9:30 where my watchers where unable to view as its off to bed for school on Monday.Now its back on Wednesday and the unruly mob are in uproar because they have missed the whole last series so they have no continuity.


    1. KKS: Thanks for the cynicism. As I have a Preview Disk for Lonestar with the exact same timeslot I felt it best to get to the bottom of the confusion for my readers first. Clearly you have your own info so I’m not sure why you would care when I published it. That said, kindly stick to one ID per IP address for use on this site as requested in Comments Policy? Thanks.

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