Returning: The Big Bang Theory. Bumped: RPA

Nine has announced it will begin new episodes of The Big Bang Theory from October 20th.

It will air at 8:30pm after The Block, followed by a repeat episode.

This pushes RPA back to 9:30pm, where it was before it moved to 8:30pm following the exit of The Boss is Coming to Dinner.

Wednesday, October 20:
7.30pm: The Block
8.30pm: The Big Bang Theory (new)
9.00pm: The Big Bang Theory (rpt)
9.30pm: RPA

The scheduling is a curious line-up of reality, comedy and factual but is no doubt part of a bigger plan across the week to spike the night with dedicated viewers. TBBT will compete against City Homicide and The Good Wife.

Nine says the episodes are “Fast-tracked” although the season premiered in the US on September 23rd.


  1. @ Jeremy It’s a marketing tool, obviously, and I also believe that the realm of “fast tracking” should be two weeks, after all, the US has many breaks between late September and mid December, Thanksgiving week, Major League Baseball, plus sweeps periods all hold an episode for a week, I’m sure the programmers understand that, and to counter-act this, so they can show all 10 episodes consecutively, they start two weeks or so later than the US.

    @ Tasmanian Devil I wouldn’t go so far to say that the audience of “Bang” is “dumb” or anything like how you are portraying them, but I do believe that there are better shows out there, ones that don’t rely on the formula Frasier used for 11 years, of the characters talking all pompous like needlessly and endlessly.

    @ Steve TheGood Wife and City Homicide boring…? Well, that’s your opinion I guess, I find MasterChef the worst kind of “reality” show out there, because imo, Star Trek is more realistic than MasterChef, but saying that the demos of both “Bang” and The Block are the same doesn’t necessarily mean they attract the same crowds, one may skew female, one may skew male, just because they’re both young, doesn’t necessarily mean they both possess similiar viewers.

    I do believe that it probably was a bad move by 9, but I guess with Spicks/Gruen finished, they do have significantly less competition. Perhaps this is a good move, prove that “Bang” doesn’t need to be wedged between two high ranking shows to rate well.

  2. Dave’s right, it’s not fast tracked if the episode is shown a month ago. I am sure Ten will label Glee as fast tracked, even though the episode was shown two weeks ago, after it has been rested for the Commonwealth Games. We need to stop using the term ‘fast tracked’ after the show was aired over a week ago.

  3. Tasmanian de√il

    “it is probably the best comedy coming out of the US.”

    Everyone who agrees with this, think again. The people who watch BBT because it’s a smart and high quality comedy are the same kind of people who watch Today Tonight because it’s a smart and high quality news source.

  4. @ Benjamin… Mate are you serious?

    City Homicide s4 vs. Good Wife s2 vs. TBBT = another disaster loss for Ch 9!.

    Another poor tv programming decision made by Ch 9!. You don’t put a bad comedy show after a renovation show!.

    First of all, its a good alternative to two boring older skewing dramas. Secondly, have you even seen the show? it is probably the best comedy coming out of the US. Thirdly, Look at the demos of The Block, the audience is similar to that of TBBT.

  5. I actually think this is a smart programming decision by Channel 9. They are trying to capitalise on the younger audience watching Glee at 7.30pm (who I doubt would stay on 10 to watch the The Good Wife) and are likely switch to TBBT at 8.30pm

    I also think that 9 have successfully made TBBT a show with a dedicated following (as shown by the execellent ratings on GO), so I dont think the timeslot change will affect its ratings.

  6. City Homicide s4 vs. Good Wife s2 vs. TBBT = another disaster loss for Ch 9!.

    Another poor tv programming decision made by Ch 9!. You don’t put a bad comedy show after a renovation show!.

    Ch 9 has a very long list of shows that are meant to be shown by now on fta, thus it has lead viewers to having to purchase the show dvds to watch them without a tv network who takes forever to accomplish a decent week of organised tv schedule.

  7. They should have moved The Block to 8.30 and had Big Bang Theory at 7.30pm with a new comedy at 8pm. Big Bang Theory will now also be up against a similar show The IT Crowd and another comedy The Librarians on the ABC. Not good.

  8. Reason it is Wednesday at 8.30pm….. maybe because Family Guy new episodes are on 7 mate

    and then the repeat is probably to counteract the episode of American Dad.

  9. I won’t watch them on ch 9 out of principle. Late starts and late finishes and usually they only have one new ep on.

    I’ll wait until they are on Go! in batches of 2 or more (which I love) or they accidentally, without my knowledge end up on my hard drive somewhere, somehow.

  10. instead of these crappy repeats after the new episodes 9 should build an audience for Mike and Molly at 8pm Mon following 2.5 men and S%#t My Dad Sad at 9pm Wed following TBBT.

  11. I disagree Jeremy. TBBT does do well on Nine so they shoud have some airtime on Nine. However, I do find this new arrangement very strange. I guess it could succeed with Seven and Ten showing drama, comedy viewers would switch to Nine. But New TBBT has always been at Monday 8pm after Two and a Half Men. Going against this could potentially hurt the show. Why can’t the show just stay at 8pm Monday? Better than airing a repeat of Two and a Half Men. What is going on with Nine’s programming?

  12. And its on at the same time as Two and a Half Men on GO – unless they change that as well. Seems to me, that would have been the perfect time to re-instate Fringe on GO – 8.30 Wednesdays, back to its old regular timslot.

    RPA’s stint at 8.30 didn’t last long!

  13. Nine should really leave TBBT as a Go! brand, to capitalise on its growing marketshare. Having the first-run episodes on Nine, but repeats on Go really sends a signal that they don’t have faith in their digital channel.

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