Airdate: Richard Hammond’s Invisible World. Bumped: Survivor

Nine has made a switch to its line-up for Tuesday November 16th.

It will no longer air a new episode of Top Gear Australia at 7:30pm. Instead it plays an older UK episode.

In an effort to stop people jumping the lights at a railway level-crossing, Top Gear teams up with Railtrack to show what happens when hundreds of tonnes of locomotive crashes into a Renault Espace. Guest stars Kristin Scott Thomas.

At 9pm it premieres Richard Hammond’s Invisible World.
Explore the extraordinary wonders of the world of detail hidden in the blink of an eye. In those few milliseconds, there are extraordinary things happening in that completely pass us by. A world where thin air can shatter rock and water can tear through metal. And where a spectacular celestial display is finally captured, even though many have claimed it doesn’t even exist.

This pushes back Survivor to a 10pm start and a replay of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares to 11pm.

Elsewhere GEM has dropped the Four Nations Rugby League this Saturday.

Finally, Seven has also dropped Border Security and The Force on Wednesday November 17th.


  1. tw1st_0f_f4t3

    i think Top Gear Australia is an insult to the UK original any way and TGA was no where near the quality and humour of the original either …..and for you that didnt know they did try to have TGA on SBS it didnt work there either and now it has no worked on nine so yeah may as well give up on it ………..

  2. Put Survivior back on Go! at a reasonable time. Put Fringe back on at 8:30 and wait no! 9 has got the Rugby Union next season so we’ll doubtless have the same moving, delaying etc as normal. Don’t want to get Foxtel but they seem to be consistent maybe iptv is the way to go. (no pun intended).

  3. Nine is an absolute disgrace when it comes to rugby league coverage. The game is not only delayed by 30 minutes but now is not being shown in HD. Glad i bought the $3,000 HD TV. Good to see the anti siphoning rules working for the viewer once again.

  4. It would have been useful to have been told how many episodes were produced, or planned to be produced. I guess reporting has taken a new slant.

    It is possible this is no issue whatsoever.

  5. I understand why people complain about Nine’s erratic programming, but they’re always near, or at the top of the overall ratings heap every week. They must be doing something right? Sorry to say…

    Do we know how the recent SBS One & ABC1 programming changes on Wednesday nights went for them? They might be reading from the Nine playbook too?

  6. Surely the end of the ratings period is a determining factor here. Personally I don’t watch TGA or Survivor – in fact, apart from Sherlock, I can’t remember the last time I watched any of 9’s channels. I do sympathise with my fellow viewers, however, the constant changes are enough to drive you insane, and the recorder will probably blow a fuse with all the changes. For commercial channels, my timer is now set 5 mins before schedule at the beginning of the programme, and 20 mins at the end – it’s pathetic that I have to do this – probably why I’m watching more ABC and SBS than ever before!!

  7. Nine should have pulled the UKTG re-runs, leave TGAU at 7:30 with the new (recently aired 3 part) Richard Hammond special afterwards?

    Who is running the Nine programing into the ground? This on top of the no new Mentalist and 2.5 Men on Mondays there is very little reason to watch Nine these days.

  8. Not surprised at all, was kinda expecting it. At least CH9 consistently keep 1 show at a regular time….the news. The rest dont stand a chance. Pathetic.

  9. Why does Nine continue to screw around with Survivor? Dump it in the 7:30pm timeslot and perhaps more people would watch it instead of being on a different time each week.

  10. I saw an advert last night (11pm) on Nine still advertising the simulcast of the league on Gem on Saturday. There are going to be a lot of angry league fans who set their PVR only to watch movies instead. And with only two days notice, people aren’t going to know that their will be alternative content.

    Seriously, what are Nine thinking?

  11. You know. I am over all these programming changes. It seems networks change shows on a daily basis. I can no longer watch them this way. I need order, consistency, and a full run of a series. How can we achieve that networks ?

  12. Sounds like a quick pull for ratings, and also to try and take a quick sting out of Packed to the Rafters. I’m actually starting to enjoy Top Gear Australia – I know the argument – they’re not Richard, James and Jeremy, granted. But I think it works for us. They haven’t toyed with the format too much, just put a aussie slant on it. Which is all I think you can do. Apart from Shane Warne being a guest every 5 minutes, it’s coming along – and I also think is much better than the SBS format.

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