Hinch talks to 60 Minutes

Tara Brown joins Derryn Hinch during his first chemotherapy procedure for this weekend's 60 Minutes.

Broadcaster Derryn Hinch, who last week told his radio audience he may only have 12 months to live unless he has a liver transplant, features in the final 60 Minutes for 2010 this weekend.

Tara Brown joins him during his first chemotherapy procedure at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne.

In this emotional interview Hinch speaks about his current condition.

Brown also speaks with his wife Chanel and ex-wife Jacki Weaver (and by the looks of this supplied photo), ex-wife Lynda Stoner too.

There’s also a story on Miranda Otto, and Charlotte Lindstrom

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  1. Im 37 and as a child i enjoyed watching you and all your comments and opinons on TV and Radio. You spoke the truth then and you followed through the same way tonight, i have so much respect for you for that. Please fight this , and it is great to see 3 wonderfull women by your side for the fight. Good Luck. And once again thankyou for all your true words over the years xxoo

  2. Gorgeous,courageous Derryn. I love you and all you stand for.
    You are an inspiration and so much more adored than you ever know! Live life, and live it to the maximum, you will be blessed, as we need you to keep ‘them’ on the straight and narrow with your integrity, and ‘no rubbish’ attitude. Good things will come to you as you are so deserving. You are a sincere man 🙂
    You will beat this hurdle! Be strong, God Bless xox I will keep in touch.

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