Nine Summer of Cricket: schedule

Nine’s Summer of Cricket officially kicks off on Thursday with the showdown between Australia and England for the Ashes.

This season, Nine’s Wide World of Sports promises never-seen-before technology and other innovations in content and coverage.

Richie Benaud will present the Ashes series for Wide World of Sports joined by commentators Bill Lawry, Tony Greig, Ian Chappell, Mark Taylor, Ian Healy, Michael Slater, Mark Nicholas and Shane Warne. Former Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist will also be a special guest commentator throughout the season.

As the players break for lunch each day during the Ashes, Simon O’Donnell will present The Cricket Show, with highlights and updates, opinions, first session recaps, player profiles, The Lunchtime Grill, international and domestic viewer emails and live coaching clinics.

Vodafone Ashes Series
November 25-29: Australia v England, Brisbane LIVE 10.30am AEDT
December 3-7: Australia v England, Adelaide LIVE 10.30am AEDT
December 16-20: Australia v England, Perth LIVE 1.00pm AEDT
December 26-30: Australia v England, Melbourne LIVE 10.00am AEDT
January 3-7: Australia v England, Sydney LIVE 10.00am AEDT

Johnnie Walker All*Star Twenty20
November 21: Brisbane
LIVE 7.30pm AEDT

KFC Twenty20 Internationals
January 12: Australia v England, Adelaide LIVE 7.30pm AEDT
January 14: Australia v England, Melbourne LIVE 7.30pm AEDT

Women’s Twenty20 Matches
January 12: Australia v England, Adelaide LIVE 2.00pm AEDT
January 14: Australia v England, Melbourne LIVE 2.00pm AEDT

Commonwealth Bank Series (all LIVE 2.00pm AEDT)
January 16: Australia v England, Melbourne
January 21: Australia v England, Hobart
January 23: Australia v England, Sydney
January 26: Australia v England, Adelaide
January 30: Australia v England, Brisbane
February 2: Australia v England, Sydney
February 6: Australia v England, Perth

NB: Broadcast times are subject to change. Please check local TV guides.


  1. The 250cm indicates that the prediction has a much higher degree of inaccuracy. Just because it predicts a strike on the stumps doesn’t tell you what degree of error there is in the prediction. The system should give a 95% confidence range. The umpire in the Payne dismissal is wrong to accept the prediction because the system said there was a high degree of error.
    Whatever happened to the batsman getting the benefit of the doubt. When I used to umpire you would never give it out when the batsman was well forward because of the doubt that gave you. Surely it is the same if the system says it is unsure. The review system was to stop the really bad decision – in this case it said it wasn’t sure – so how is that a clunker. Certainly shouldn’t overrule the original decision of not out.

  2. The cricket commentors need to be pensiobed off,they mostly had their chance to captain the Australian cricket team. Ian Chapple, Tony Greig,Ian Healy,
    Shane Warne the I did on almost every occasion.They also dont need 3 per talk session,.The idea that Australia needs to do something is obvious to everyone,they need to come up with something more constructive,Michael Slater is just a follower if some one puts forward a comment he can reply,Mark Taylot should offer more. or just comment on the play.

  3. Please can you check if the only wicket to fall (so far) in the English second innings (first test, Brisbane) was off a no ball. North does not ground the heel of his front foot when bowling and I do not think he had any part of his foot grounded when he had Strauss stumped.
    Many thanks.

  4. No HD for the Ashes!! Oh how you will regret this decision, Nine Executives. Did you honestly think that Australia’s sport-loving public would accept this? Who is advising you – the Gilmore Girls?

  5. This dropping of cricket from the HD channel by 9 is unbelievable. Viewers had every right to assume the continuation of cricket on HD (as in previous years). This was the major reason I went for a HD TV. I used to think only the third world countries continued to show international sport in HD. If channel 9 refuse to show the cricket on HD, Foxtel should be allowed to broadcast the HD version that is being seen by other countries around the world.

  6. Where is the HD Nine ??? We don’t care about the fancy graphics if they are going to be in blurry-vision.

    They are getting it in HD in the UK and New Zealand – why not us.

    Am so sick of FTA abusing certain sports. If you can’t do it properly in HD, then give it to Foxtel. Senator Conroy – this is exactly why the anti-siphoning list should be scrapped, because its the viewers in this country that miss out !

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