Nine: Summer schedule

Updated: Nine's summer promises new US drama Chase, sitcom Better With You and the return of Cold Case and Without a Trace.

So far TEN is the only one of the commercial FTA networks to disclose its primetime schedule for the first week of summer, which it did on Monday.

Seven and Nine are always a lot more coy with their plans, and in this biz where information can cost you advertiser dollars who can blame them? Seven revealed some programming last Friday but left a lot of TBAs which it will lock in this Friday afternoon. However TV Tonight did manage to spy some of the shows that are awaiting timeslots.

Nine, similarly has left many TBAs in its schedule thus far. Not much to get excited about yet unless you enjoy reciting lines of Two and a Half Men along with Sheen and Cryer.

Nine’s own website lists the following shows as “Coming Soon”: When I Grow Up, The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show, Big, and AFP (the latter was a much-hyped promise for 2010 but is said to have hit legal snares). It’s no certainty yet these will be summer titles.

Also on Nine’s site Panic at Rock Island is now listed as “New Australian Telemovie in 2011.” It was promised -repeatedly- for this year. But then Nine was very nearly going to screen another Underbelly telemovie this year too, before it changed plans at the last minute. It’s fair to say that in TV production timelines constantly change -however Nine’s habit of putting dates on delivery is where it constantly comes unstuck.

What we can deduce from Nine’s TBAs is that several are 2 hour slots, suggesting a few movies could be on the way. Cricket will also feature. 60 Minutes will be a “Best Of.” Unaired eps of The Singing Bee are dusted off the shelves.

Nine also looks set to resume Aussie movies on Saturday nights over summer, partly as a sync with its AFI Awards broadcast on December 11, but principally for the local drama points it delivers. For the past few years Nine has slated Aussie flicks on Saturday nights in summer for their local drama points. First run Aussie movies net higher points than drama episodes, and there is no distinction whether they are played in or out of ratings seasons.

Update: Nine has now updated its schedule to fill in TBAs:

It includes the premiere of the Jerry Bruckheimer drama Chase, starring Kelli Giddish as a deputy U.S. Marshall leading a fugitive-apprehension team tracking down dangerous criminals in South Texas. It also features former Desperate Housewives hunk Jesse Metcalfe. It premiered in the US in September.

Also new is US sitcom Better with You, featuring Joanna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan as two sisters at different stages in their respective relationships. It will go head to head with TEN’s Raising Hope.

Unaired episode of Without a Trace and Cold Case return. Warnie also moves to Thursday nights

Sunday Nov 28
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm The Enforcers
7:00pm Hot Pursuit
7:30pm 60 Minutes
8:30pm The Mentalist rpt
9:30pm Chase (Premiere)
10:30pm Without a Trace (Series Return)
11:30pm Primetime Crime

Monday Nov 29
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm Two And A Half Men rpt
7:30pm Two And A Half Men rpt
8:00pm The Middle rpt
8:30pm Movie: Miss Congeniality
10:45pm Embarrasing Bodies rpt
11:45pm Defending Our Kids rpt

Tuesday Nov 30
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:30pm Top Gear rpt
9:00pm Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds
10:00pm Survivor: Nicaragua
11:00pm Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares rpt

Wednesday Dec 1
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm Two And A Half Men rpt
7:30pm Two And A Half Men rpt
8:00pm Better With You (Premiere)
8:30pm Cold Case (Series Return)
9:30pm Cold Case rpt
10:30pm Rescue Special Ops rpt
11:30pm Til Death

Thursday Dec 2
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm Two And A Half Men rpt
7:30pm Top Gear Australia rpt
8:30pm Warnie (new night)
9:30pm Movie: SWAT rpt
12:00am Movie: Stealing Harvard rpt

Friday Dec 3
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm Two And A Half Men rpt
7:30pm Movie: Elf rpt
9:30pm Movie: The Bodyguard rpt
12:10am Movie: The Statement rpt

Saturday Dec 4
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm Australia’s Funniest Home Videos: Summer Edition
7:30pm The Celebrity Singing Bee
8:30pm CSI rpt
9:30pm Movie: Cactus
11:30pm Movie: Just Cause rpt

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  1. Nine will be doing a funniest home videos this summer starting next week.Who was the dummy that decided to axe Temptation two years ago and make us suffer with endless 2.5 men reruns by the way?

  2. 9 has put forward a few things for me, will check out at least Ep1 of brand new Chase and Better with You. Poss…maybe new eps of Cold Case and Without A Trace. Other than that, (rpt) of Cold Case and Rescue Special Ops at times.

  3. @Abdul and @Jenn
    Couldn’t agree more with both comments, glad to see Cold Case back and lets have some new shows over the summer doesn’t have to be first run but something different.

  4. Yeah bring back the Singing Bee what a great show, and get more light hearted fun shows the whole family can watch…as if we dont have enough murder shows yawn..
    The shows that do really well are ones we can all watch as a family, like talkin bout your gen, aust got talent etc

    I cant stand 21/2 men.. you cant watch that crap with the kids.

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