SPEED is on the air

Several new channels joined the Foxtel platform from today.

The newest addition is SPEED, a dedicated motorsports channel managed by Premier Media Group.

It offers racing coverage 24 hours a day such as NASCAR, British and International Speedway, Super X, the GT1 World Championship, Rolex Sports Cars. There will also be prime time racing from the V8 Supercars, Dakar Rally, Formula 2 and World Series Sprintcars.

MTV is also now available to all subscribers via the basic package.

The new HD Channels from today include
SPEED (channel 505)
SPEED HD (channel 206)
MTV Hits (channel 808)
MTVN Live (channel 812)
MTVN Live HD (channel 252)
BBC Knowledge HD (channel 242)
Nat Geo Wild HD (channel 238)
FOXTEL 3D (channel 201).

FOXTEL also adds the following +2 channels:
National Geographic Channel +2 (channel 622)
Nat Geo ADVENTURE +2 (channel 629)
13th STREET +2 (channel 163)
TLC +2 (channel 647) the new-look Discovery Travel & Living channel.

The following will be moving to new channel numbers to accommodate the new channels:
ESPN HD (channel 211)
UKTV HD (channel 214)
MAIN EVENT (channel 510)
Discovery +2 (channel 620).


  1. Please stop with all the crazy conspiracy theories. Al Jazeera is not on Foxtel because Al Jazeera refuses to pay for the cable network transmission fees like every other channel owner does. Whilst Al Jazeera pays Optus to have their channel on sat which is fine for Austar (as they only distribute via sat), it’s unworkable for Foxtel. Foxtel won’t pay for transmission on cable on the behalf of Al Jazeera otherwise all the other channel owners will complain.

  2. I’m another Austar subscriber that has been screwed! If there’s no Speed on Austar by the start of next years Nascar season in Feb im gone.

    I did get MystarHD free for 12 months when i went to cancel last week.

  3. i hope all you foxtel customers are enjoying the new speed channel

    as austar decided not to have the channel in there line an giving no date or year an

    if austar will even get it

    nothing against foxtel but i think this stinks

    regards troy

  4. So annoying that I’m stuck with Austar. If I lived 20 minutes further north I could get Foxtel. ACCC please do something fuseful for once and put a stop to this rubbish.

  5. friendlycroc i allso have to agree with u about Al jazeera. its shown here in perth in the morning and evening here in perth on the FTA community station . dosnt seem to bad , what i have caught . i think it good do well on foxtel.

  6. I wish Foxtel would takeover Austar already. This isn’t fair really. We have to sit here and wait for who knows how long to get these new channels. The only ones i got were the +2 channels and i don’t even watch the channels that got +2.

  7. I wish Foxtel wouldn’t advertise 10 new channels when only Speed, MTVN and 3D are new and the rest are +2 or HD versions of the same thing. And another thing…if a channel changes its name (TLC, MTV Hits) and the content is exactly the same then it is not a new channel.

  8. Not a whole lot for me personally but at least I got BBC Knowledge in HD. Would have liked some channels dedicated to drama or more channels with sport that didn’t have cars and bikes.

  9. @ Gary and Steve – the “N” stands for “Nickelodeon” with HD content from Nick being shown on MTVN Live, with the channel in other countries not being dedicated to concerts but rather a mixture of HD content from all its MTV channels.

  10. @ David – check out the following page about the outrage from Austar subscribers about Austar only launching the + 2 channels and making the EPG changes, not launching anything new:
    The outrage began over the weekend when Austar doesnt reply and today Austar havent made one comment. I’m guessing they are too scared to take on such angry subscribers. People (including me) have contacted Senator Conroy, ACMA, and ACCC about it. You might have a story soon about Austar forclosing or Foxtel buying them out

  11. MTVN…Does anyone know what the N stands for as I can’t find any mention of what it is.
    Can they please bring back VH1 and get rid of that rubbish MTV channel

  12. I’m quite annoyed that Fox Sports won’t be showing any motorsport of any description on their 3 main channels.

    As an Austar subscriber I can’t watch any NASCAR live and have to resort to the half-hearted highlights package on One HD. Can’t Fox Sports cater to the people who have Austar and at least show some motorsport (even if it’s delayed) until the channel gets added (if it ever does).

    I am seriously considering downgrading until the golf and NRL starts again

  13. Basically all the content on SPEED was already on Fox Sports, what a useless channel. Nice having more music channels though, they seem like actual music channels with no reality shows or anything.

  14. @friendlycroc I’ve been been watching Al Jazeera, RT, Press TV, Euronews and DW TV of late on my Apple TV via Boxee. The picture isn’t as good but still watchable on my living room TV. Foxtel should offer more variety in news channels as I’ve found Al Jazeera in particular really interesting to watch for the different stories to normal American focussed channels…and no they’re not terrorists.

  15. It’s now a year to the day since Austar added Al Jazeera English to their basic package. The sky hasn’t caved in, customers haven’t deserted the platform in an offended huff, regional Australians haven’t rushed to join Al Qaeda after their brain-washing by the “terrorist” channel.

    It’s nothing to be afraid of! So I am greatly disappointed by Foxtel’s continued refusal to air the channel. The channel offers so much to enjoy, from every corner of the world.

    I do not watch motorsports, but I am happy for those who do to have their own channel. It must be exciting! Ditto to the new MTV channels, I am uninterested but am pleased fans of mainstream music have more to choose from now.

    If someone from Foxtel is reading this, please reconsider your position – take heed from Austar’s experience.

    For those who would a like more from their news choice, if you haven’t already, I implore you to contact Foxtel and politely express your desire for AJE.

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