TEN confident of keeping MasterChef

When Shine Australia takes back the premium MasterChef brand, other networks could make a bid for it.

TEN is determined to keep MasterChef Australia after 2011, when the shows rights revert from FremantleMedia Australia to Shine Australia.

FremantleMedia licensed the Aussie rights from Elisabeth Murdoch’s Shine (UK) for 3 years. But Shine Australia has been operating since the start of the year, producing its own titles including The Biggest Loser, Junior MasterChef, Minute to Win it, Letters and Numbers and The Boss is Coming to Dinner.

When Shine takes back the premium MasterChef brand, other networks could make a bid for it.

TEN CEO Grant Blackley told The Australian, “We are confident that . . . we will come up with an arrangement on MasterChef.

“I think we have to be careful not to concentrate on price too much. At the end of the day we have an excellent relationship with Shine. We do a lot of business with Shine. We’ve developed a relationship with Shine that is based around mutual respect and mutual success.”

TEN just knocked back another Shine project that was in pre-production, Don’t Stop Believing.

Shine Australia bosses Mark and Carl Fennessy were previously joint CEOs of FremantleMedia Australia, which has a long history of productions with TEN including Australian Idol, Neighbours, So You Think You Can Dance Australia and The Biggest Loser.

If TEN did end up losing MasterChef it wouldn’t be a first.

In 2009 Working Dog’s Thank God You’re Here switched to the Seven Network. A year ago Nine also swooped on SBS hit Top Gear, whilst Seven signed ABC’s Kath & Kim.

Source: The Australian

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  1. This would be a hugely expensive show for 7 or 9 to buy the rights for. Shine could ask for 25 mill or higher and would get it. Ten shareholder Lachlan Murdoch’s sister owns Shine, so it’s likely to stay at Ten.

  2. Shine have a hit show, they deserve to be paid fairly for it. Networks put so much pressure on production companies to make things on shoe string budgets. It’s nice to see the shoe on the other foot for change.

    Do you think when 10 is negotiating with sponsors of the show say ““I think we have to be careful not to concentrate on price too much.”

  3. Perhaps i don’t watch enough of Seven and Nine but was it ‘Letters and Numbers’?

    ‘The Boss is coming to dinner’… yes i know what that is.. huge fail!

    I stopped watching Thank God Your Here when it went to Seven Is it still in production?

  4. It would be ironic if it ended up at Seven after Leckie’s recent comments. I really hope it does stay with Ten. Any other network would destroy it so I hope that Shine doesn’t doom a good franchise to make a quick buck.

  5. I think it will stay on ten but others will bid if only to raise the price. Which by the sounds of things is really cheap at the moment. So it is a lose/lose situation for ten. Whereas the other networks don’t have anything to lose

  6. @ryaneco totally agree it wouldnt work in the current 6 night a week slot on seven or nine

    another reason why i would hate it on seven or nine is if nine got there hands on it it would be hosted by eddie and if seven got it it would be hosted by kochie and the tought of eathier of them hosting it would be enough to give you nightmares

  7. Who’s to say there’s not a Life Of Series in place that Shine would have to break, go through a years worth of court battles to prove they never approved such a clause (be the deal done through Fremantle or not)….

    Remember when Ten picked MC up the format had been around for many years and no one else was interested, hence Ten i would have thought would have tightened terms. Guess we’ll never know..

    Interesting, but would put my money on Ten retaining. Since 5th Grader and MC, Shine may just be losing a little Shine with not much in the pipeline but a whole lot of debt.

  8. I don’t think Masterchef would work in the current Ten format 6 nights a week on Seven or Nine they have too much other product.

    I would hate to see it leave Ten. Surely shine would stay with Ten it really can’t get much more of an audience on Seven or Nine its gotten about as high as it will ever be able to fly.

  9. Shine have just been slapped in the face on Don’t Stop Believing. This doesn’t sound like a good business move to me. Seven and Nine would be mad not to go after MasterChef, particularly when Seven just spent so much buying the bomb that was the X-Factor.

    MasterChef has made tv history, it deserves to go for top dollar.

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