ABC1: 2011 slate

Adam Hills, Chris Lilley, Judith Lucy, Frank Woodley, Asher Keddie, Laurence Leung, Adam Richard, John Safran, John Clarke -all on ABC1 in 2011.

Tis’ the season to be launching, as ABC followed Nine yesterday with the announcement of its 2011 programming.

Poh Ling Yeow cooked up a meal at ABC’s Ultimo headquarters as Kim Dalton and Channel Controllers joined with media, stars and commissioning editors last night.

Next year Adam Hills has a new talk show, Adam Hills: In Gordon St Tonight, a reference to the streetname home to the ABC’s Ripponlea Studios. “I’m really excited to be allowed to have the run of the ABC studios for a few months. It feels like Mum and Dad are leaving town and have given me the keys to the studio. I’m gonna invite a few friends around, have some good chats, play some good music, and try not to trash the place,” he says.

At the centre of ABC’s new slate is its return to Australian drama, with 34 hours of drama to be broadcast in 2011, with a further 36.5 hours going into production.

ABC has also announced ABC News Breakfast will be moving to ABC1 (simulcast with ABC News 24) with children’s programming moving to ABC2.

An iPad version of iView will also be released in December with more than 160 programs.

Paper Giants: The Birth Of Cleo (working title), 2 x 2hr telemovie starring Asher Keddie and Rob Carlton star as Ita Buttrose and Kerry Packer.

The Slap, The Slap, 8 x 1hr television adaption of the multi-award winning novel.

Crownies, legal drama with 22 x 1 hr episodes commissioned from Screentime (subject to finance).

In Production:
Redfern Now, 6 x 1hr drama written, directed and produced by Indigenous Australians in collaboraton with writer Jimmy McGovern.
The Straits, a 10-part series about a crime family with a difference.
Phryne Fisher, an adaptation of the Kerry Greenwood novels about a glamorous, female detective from the 1920s.
Top Of The Lake, Jane Campion’s six-part compelling mystery series.
The Eye Of The Storm, Fred Schepsi’s first Australian film since Evil Angels starring Judy Davis, Geoffrey Rush and Charlotte Rampling.

Adam Hills: In Gordon St Tonight, Adam Hills gets his own talk show. 12x 1hr.
Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys, 12 x 30min.
Laid, comedy from writer Marieke Hardy, 6 x 30min.
Woodley, Frank Woodley plays a loveable dad in his own series. 8 x 30min.
Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable. 6 x 30min.
Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey, 6 x 30min.
Outland, 6 x 30min.

At the Movies, 25th Anniversary of Margaret & David.
Made Up Religions: Your Census Guide, John Safran special.
Mrs Carey’s Concert, 1 x 95min.
Machete Maidens Unleashed, 1hr.
Autoluminescent from director Richard Lowenstein, 1hr.
Ben Lee: Catch My Disease, 1hr.

Sporting Nation, John Clarke questions whether sport should be declared Australia’s national religion. 3 x 1hr.
Chris Humfrey’s Wild Life, get up close and personal with the animal world.
Three Boys Dreaming, follow three indigenous boys chasing the AFL dream.
Outback Kids, 3 x 1hr.
Wide Open Road, 3 x 1hr.

Poh’s Kitchen goes primetime.
Who’s Been Sleeping in My House? 8 x 30min.
Compass presents Life’s Big Questions, hosted by Scott Stephens.

The Kennedys,
Attenborough’s Last Journey,
Oliver Stone’s the Untold History of the United States,
Great Rift,
The Human Planet,
Kidnap and Ransom

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Doctor Who, Whitechapel, New Tricks, Spooks, Doc Martin, Midsomer Murders, Miss Marple, Poirot.

ABC2, ABC3 and ABC News 24 programming will follow.

If you’d like to be in the audience of Adam Hills: In Gordon St Tonight, email your name and a daytime contact number to [email protected]

ABC2, ABC3 ABC News 24: 2011 slate

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  1. I understand it was probably beyond their control what with the megamonolith that is Foxtel buying the exclusivity (I do not understand how Comedy Central could go for this deal and still hold its head up), but I just want the ABC to keep airing Stewart and Colbert… losing them is the biggest suck of 2011, and it’s only January 🙁

  2. Johnson (8:29am),

    Where did you get your information from concerning kids programming creeping up to 7pm on ABC2? I was hoping they’d find a similar replacement for Stewart & Colbert next year.

    Kids programming is like a growing cancer on ABC2’s schedule! In addition to News Breakfast’s old timeslot. 🙁

  3. The Librarians Series 4!! Come on ABC, stay true to viewers! Really bad decision because as many articles have noted recently it was great and deserves another season despite not bad ratings. What I reckon they could do is an Easter Special, or Christmas special or something like Kath and Kim because I put The LIbrarians up there with Kath and Kim in the comedy stakes. ABC I hope you decide to bring it back early next year, I really do.

  4. @owl – I think ABC2 will still have some kids content in the longer term, as ABC3 is targeted at 8-14 kids.

    So likely it will be very similar to now:

    ABC1: Premier station
    ABC2: Niche content, young children’s content in the mornings
    ABC3: 8-14 kids
    News24: What it is now. Sharing some shows with ABC1 in different slots.

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