Hellcats update

Updated: GO! has pulled Hellcats repeats from Mondays.

At 7pm it will now plays movies Hoodwinked (Monday 27th) and Valiant (January 3rd).

In the US there is a break from December 1 – January 25.

UPDATE: Hellcats returning January 24.

On Monday night GO! (2.5%) was whipped by 7TWO (8%).

Meanwhile The Flintstones is also replaced with Wipeout Australia repeats at 6pm.


  1. “right now in the young adult demos Go and Gem and 7mate are doing gangbusters. 7Two and One… Not so much”. Well, that’s not true. The yearly figures David published show precisely it’s the over-55’s who aren’t watching One. Although their overall primetime share was around 0.8 (don’t remember exact figure), in the younger demo’s it was 1.8 – you can presume from that the over-55 figure was damn near 0, which shows just how skewed the channel is towards the younger demo’s.

  2. @chk chk
    Really bugs me when people with an agenda anonimously write in to this site.
    David may not be perfect (he likes Hey Hey after all!) but I believe he gives a genuinely unbiased appraisal of the channels, and Nine is currently the deserving whipping boy of choice. 7 & 10 have had their turn at being righteously kicked up the date earlier this year for chopping and changing episodes.
    So stop trying to be as irritating as the clown whose epithet you’ve copied.

  3. @Russell “Advertisers only pay for under 55s”. Silly me. There was I thinking those endless life insurance and funeral plan commercials were being aimed at the under-55s.

  4. @chk chk David is not biased. Nine are making multiple changes per day at the moment. I don’t recall Seven or Ten making any changes post ratings from the printed guide.

    As a commentator, it’s hard to not make comments about Nine’s scheduling given all the changes they are making.

  5. David Knox – love your site but a small aesthetic issue is driving me nuts.

    When you insert your boxed comment, can you put it below the public comment that you are responding to.

    When we see your boxed comments they can often seem like mad, random comments that out of context can bear little or no relation to the adjacent comment.

    Please consider making your comments more meaningful with this simple and logical fix!

  6. @Bruno – must be for only one week as I hear it doesn’t return in the US until Jan 25, with ep 12.

    We’re all grateful for your hard word David, even you’re allowed to miss the occasional show. At least you know we have your back in case of errors.

  7. @Kenny. You’re right in theory. But that’s not the way the TV biz works. Advertisers only pay for under 55s. So while all those 55+ viewers are great for network press releases and TV Tonight, the networks don’t make money off them.

    I agree that Nine, Gem & Go are By Far the worst with programming changes. It’s beyond ridic. I don’t work for Nine.

    But at least acknowledge their success where they have it, and right now in the young adult demos Go and Gem and 7mate are doing gangbusters.
    7Two and One… Not so much

  8. Just leave the schedules how they are instead of replacing programs at the last minute! GEM did it with The Big C and it sure pissed me off!! Always about ratings!! Never any consideration for the faithful viewers!!

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    @chk chk – pull your head out of you backside. David is simply reporting on programming changes. If the other networks jerked their viewers around as much as Nine’s channels have been doing, there would be articles advising of those changes, too (as there have been).

    It’s been happening so often, that this article doesn’t even bag Nine for yet another bloody change. There’s nothing anti-Nine or pro-Seven about it.

    And that’s the height of hypocrisy coming for you, one of the most blatant and biased Nine fanbois on this site.

  10. “55+ – not very profitable demo”
    Generally 55+ have no mortgage, savings, no kids under 25 to maintain, into longhaul travel, new cars (for cash), superannuation payouts, and spend a lot more. That’s from my experience in business anyway.
    Ah these Nine boys. Forgot to mention 7mate (?).
    Pulled at 4 eps. Talk about continuity in programming Nine.
    Wish WIN would get a more watchable standby ID now that they air it so much courtesy of MediaHub.

  11. Isn’t Gem supposed to be the ‘General Entertainment and *Movies*’ channel? Go! has lost its way since Gem launched.

    Go! should have:


    ..and focus on comedy, sitcoms, and new shows. Gem should stick to reality tv, women’s tv, movies and classic TV.

  12. @ Russell…good to see Nine Network employees reading TV Tonight…

    As for Hellcats, what do you mean by the show halts at four episodes? It seems to have been on for many weeks. I haven’t watched it every week, have they been repeating episodes?

  13. Annoyingly on Monday 7TWO purposley had Heartbeat run 11 mins over time which meant that Johnathan Creek started late. Luckily I added 40 mins to the end of my timer recording on the PVR for JC!!

  14. I just thought I’d let you know that while they’ve just showed episode 4, they have shown up to episode 10 or there abouts before. I don’t know if you missed that or it was just the way I read it.

  15. “On Monday night GO! (2.5%) was whipped by 7TWO (8%)”

    Important to note however that Go! does not programme for total people. Their target demo is 16-39. In that demo Go! (5%) and Gem (6.9%) beat 7TWO (3.4%)

    Go! and Gem also beat 7TWO by quite a bit in 25-54 and 18-49/

    So that tells you the overwhelming majority of 7TWO’s aud is 55+ – not very profitable demo

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