Airdate: Oprah “Reunion.” Returning: Generation, GNW, Bondi Rescue.

TEN slates that Oprah reunion, plus more details on NCIS, Biggest Loser, Glee, Modern Family and NCIS: LA.

TEN has released more dates for more season returns and (as tipped!) slated Oprah‘s reunion into primetime this week.

NB: All are first-run except where indicated.

Friday January 28
8:30pm. The Oprah Winfrey Show “Oprah Reveals A Hidden Family Secret.”
9:30pm Movie: Speed rpt
11:45pm TEN Late News

Sunday Feb 6
6:30 pm The Biggest Loser
7:30 pm Modern Family
8:00 pm Bondi Rescue. Season Premiere
8:30 pm Hawaii Five-O
9:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles
10:30 pm NCIS: Los Angeles (rpt)

Monday Feb 7
7:30 pm Glee “A Very Glee Christmas”
8:30 pm Undercover Boss USA
9:30 pm Good News Week. Season Premiere. (90 mins)

Tuesday Feb 8
7:30 pm Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. Season Premiere (70 mins)
8:40 pm NCIS
9:40 pm NCIS
10:40 pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight

NCIS is two first-run episodes on February 8th.

Wednesday February 9 sees no changes to
7:30 pm The Biggest Loser
8:30 pm Blue Bloods
9:30 pm House

There are also replays of The Biggest Loser to run 3:30pm on Thu Feb 3, Fri 4th, Sun 6th, plus 3pm Wed 9th, and another early arvo on Sat 12 (check local guides). Gives you more options if you are pushed with other programming temptations.

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  1. Kind of think it’s a bit too late for TEN with the Oprah “secret” episode. I’ve seen enough footage on news etc to want to watch it. Shame they didn’t show it yesterday (Wednesday) or today.

    I’m happy with one episode of Modern Family, as I do like it. But I think they’ve exhausted the show by keep replaying episodes.

    Also happy with the repeats of The Biggest Loser.

  2. @Qwerty. There’s the Superbowl episode on Feb 6. Then a new episode on Feb 8. So Australia will be a few weeks behind unless Ten decide to air Superbowl and new ep back to back. But even then, because of the timeslot change Australia has to wait. It used to air pretty much straight after the US

  3. JB the super bowl episode will only be airing a few hours before we get A Very Glee Christmas, and there are no episodes between these two (because it took a significant break over here in America). Which means after next week we will once again be viewing them just a few days after the US, which I think is very commendable fast tracking on tens behalf. And i don’t blame them for saving the Special Education and Christmas episodes until ratings began again, because then they would of had a few weeks in ratings period with glee repeats which everyone would be complaining about.

  4. off the topic a little will outrageous fortune still be showing after Good News Week or are they going to play musical chairs with the show afterwards like what they had with Cleveland,Cops and Glee.

  5. ok scrap that last sentence about not in order, i see they are playing the Special Education the coming Monday, but the rest of it I stand by.
    I thought Ten were gonna be serious about “fast tracking”. Didn’t last long.

  6. Well Ten are just idiots and this is excatly why I watch shows online now. While Ten are playing the Glee Christmas episode in Feb, 2 months after i watched it, i’ll be watching the new Superbowl episode.
    Even worse is Ten aren’t even playing it in order because there was an episode “Special Education” that is before the Christmas ep.

    Pathetic Ten.

  7. Regarding the Oprah “Family secret”, I thought your policy was to not reveal spoilers until after their Australian Airdate, David?

    *tongue firmly in cheek*

    We’ll let you off just this once.

  8. I don’t believe they are sticking with undercover boss USA into ratings it’s a bomb even with summer competition it’s going to get slaughtered against the mentalist whatever ends up there from 7. Blue bloods and good wife are not strong 8:30 shows either.

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