Airdate: Underbelly Files: Lucifer / Infiltration / Man Who Got Away

The Nine Network has announced airdates for its three Underbelly telemovies, Tell Them Lucifer Was Here, Infiltration and The Man Who Got Away.

As tipped, they will air across three Monday nights in February beginning with Tell them Lucifer Was Here, 8:30pm Monday February 7th. It will be followed by Infiltration on February 14 and The Man Who Got Away on February 21st.

All three are based on true crime stories that took place in Victoria and abroad.

The first telemovie Tell Them Lucifer Was Here will have a “specially-prepared” edition airing in New South Wales due to a pending legal case, but it isn’t yet clear how it will differ from other editions.

Meanwhile the NSW Government today confirmed Underbelly: Razor will be a 13 part series which begins shooting inSydney in March. It will air on Nine later this year.

The Underbelly: files are three compelling telemovies that tell true-life crime stories, laying bare human behaviour at its best and worst.

The first of the new telemovies, Tell Them Lucifer Was Here, which tells the tragic story of Victoria Police officers Gary Silk and Rod Miller who were gunned down in the line of duty, premieres on Channel Nine on Monday, February 7, at 8.30pm.

The story centres on the investigation of the brutal murders under the direction of Detective Inspector Paul Sheridan and the Lorimer Taskforce. Tracking down the killers proved all but impossible and it was only through outstanding detective work, dogged persistence and sheer faith that the killers were brought to justice.

Tell Them Lucifer Was Here stars Brett Climo as Paul Sheridan and Todd Lasance as Detective Sgt Dean Thomas. They are backed up by a top-line support cast of Jane Allsop, Ditch Davey, Paul O’Brien, Annie Jones and Don Hany. The screenplay was written by longstanding Underbelly writer Peter Gawler and directed by Shawn Seet.

The second of the telemovies, Infiltration, will screen on Monday, February 14, at 8.30pm.

Infiltration recounts the story of Victorian detective Colin McLaren who posed as a shady art dealer and infiltrated the Australian branch of the Calabrian Mafia. It would prove to be the most dangerous, exhausting and confronting 18 months of his life. But it was also the most thrilling time he ever knew and resulted in the biggest win of his career – seeing 11 of Australia’s most villainous Mafiosi sent to prison.

Infiltration stars Sullivan Stapleton as Colin McLaren, with Jess Napier playing his undercover operative, Jude. It also features Tottie Goldsmith, Henry Nixon and Valentino del Toro.

The third telemovie, The Man Who Got Away, tells the amazing story of David McMillan, the only Westerner to escape from Bangkok’s notorious Klong Prem Prison.

Extremely intelligent and charming, McMillan came from a privileged background but chose a life of crime, which earned him a spot on Interpol’s Top Ten Most Wanted list. His partner in crime was also the love of his life – Clelia Vigano. Together McMillan and Vigano were an unstoppable force – or so they thought.

Toby Schmitz stars as McMillan, with Claire van der Boom in the role of Vigano. An all-star support cast includes Jeremy Sims, Aaron Jeffery, Josh Lawson, Nicholas Eadie, Brendan Cowell and Freya Stafford.

The Man Who Got Away premieres on Monday, February 21, at 8.30pm

The three telemovies are a collaboration between the Nine Network and production company Screentime, produced by Peter Gawler and Elisa Argenzio with Executive Producers Des Monaghan, Jo Horsburgh and Screentime’s Head of Drama, Greg Haddrick.


  1. Well, I’m glad that instead of Governing the NSW Labor Government has gotten into making TV.

    I know what they could do next, Three Stooges remake staring: Kennelly, Rees, Iemma.

    (This comes from an ardent Labor supporter, yes that’s how bad things are.)

    Well, sort of looking forward to this, if they’re done right like the first Underbelly they’ll go very well.

  2. Wow! I didn’t think that Nine were going to air all three consecutively each week. I do like this. It keeps Bones at bay and brings up a good suggestion. Maybe Nine should put The Mentalist on Sundays starting February 13 and keep Monday an aussie night, with Underbelly, Sea Patrol and Rescue all airing on this night. They all seemed to do better on this night anyway so Nine should do this.

  3. Above 2mil? Regular underbelly hasn’t got anywhere near that in ages, a lot of the last season was 1.3-1.5 and there has been much less hype surrounding these. As well as the fact that they will be a 2hr+ average. 1.4max I say.

  4. The three telemovies will rate very well, but not as high as 2.5m+. Tell Them Lucifer was Here should get 2.2m (700,000 in Melbourne), and the other two 1.8-1.9m.

  5. well it seems this is the reason conviction kitchen was pulled from mondays. it wouldn’t have any chance at all if it was up against these! at least bones could possibly pull half decent numbers, but id expect these ‘telemovies’ to rate 2.5m+

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