Airdate: Zumbo

Adriano Zumbo is back on the box soon, this time with 30,000 multicoloured macarons.

Patissier extraordinnaire Adriano Zumbo’s new self-titled series begins on SBS in early February.

The former Masterchef guest has his own six part series set in his Balmain kitchen and in the first episode, he tackles that signature dish again: the macaron.

Zumbo and his team have just five days to create 63 new macaron flavours for “Macaron Day” (hmm, my calendar seriously needs updating!).

Macarons (not macaroons) are one of Adriano’s signature dishes. It’s what he’s most famous for. For one day only, Adriano will turn his Balmain kitchen upside down to create the largest range of macarons Australia has ever seen. It’s a daunting task: create 63 new flavours in just five days.

This episode follows Adriano in the lead-up to Macaron Day as he pumps out close to 30,000 multicoloured macarons in his new graffiti inspired kitchen called The Lab. To add to the fun and fantasy, Adriano plans to give away five golden macarons to unsuspecting customers. The winners will each receive a day in The Lab working with Adriano and his staff.

But the team are hit with an 11th hour-power blackout and queues are already forming outside the patisserie. It remains to be seen whether they’ll get all the macarons finished on time.

Zumbo premieres Thursday, 10 February at 7.30pm on SBS ONE.

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