Chelsea, Lately: Australian dates

The dates are in -but still no word on ticketing yet…

Chelsea Handler will film four episodes of Chelsea, Lately with Australian guests in front of a studio audience at Foxtel Studios in Sydney. She will tape one episode March 7, one episode March 8 and two episodes March 9.

Once again she will be joined by sidekick Chuy Bravo and her entire posse of talented panellists for her second visit to Australia.

“My staff and I had the most amazing time in Sydney in 2009, and that’s when I was in a relationship. I am now single and looking to explore that in many different countries. Australia will be first,” she said (take that, Oprah!).

The shows will premiere on E! on March 8 – 11 @ 10.30 pm.

Her Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang tour will also play at Sydney’s State Theater on March 10.

Ticketing advice for the Foxtel shows is expected next week.


  1. Got a late email last night to go to 5pm taping today. It was Brilliant…why, because there were no seats left in the live studio so a few of us got the chance to go & view the live feed in the VIP green room. Free food & booze but the best part was that the cast of Chelsea Lately were in the green room with us, I had Roy (Chelsea’s brother) sitting next to me for part of the viewing. There was also Brad, Sarah, Chris, Jiffy, Fortune, Josh, Marmelstine & a couple of others!! Plus I got to see Chuy & Chelsea’s Assistant had Chelsea sign my book for me & the rest of the guys mentioned above signed it also. So I enjoyed the afternoon & still can’t believe my luck 🙂

  2. Chelsea and Heather McDonald today was hilarious. Henry Rollins not so funny but it was a more livlier show than on Monday… Its a much more relaxed atmosphere than when my wife and I see her tape her shows in LA. If anyone gets a chance to go to LA. Her show is a Must Do while your there!!

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