Returning: 30 Rock, Cougar Town.

Seven has released some late night programming for the week of January 30th, which gives us an idea of what will begin its first quarter:

Monday Jan 31
10:30pm Fat Family Diet. Series premiere.
11:30pm My Shocking Story. Rpt.

Tuesday Feb 1
10:30pm Cougar Town. New season.
11:00pm Cougar Town. New episode.
11:30pm 10 Years Younger. Rpt.

Wednesday Feb 2
10:30pm I Shouldn’t Be Alive. New episode.
11:30pm My Name is Earl. Rpt.

Thursday Feb 3
11:30pm 30 Rock. New episode (amended)


  1. I’m rapt that cougar town and 30 rock are back and the time does not bother me as i will have something to watch later on in the night. Just liked i did with scrubs and boston legal. Ten thirty is not late.

  2. A big mistake 7 putting DH And Greys on the same night now.They used to rely on Comedies and other feel good TV on Thursdays and most of the time they had Beauty and the Geek even though that was only for a few months.
    The person responsible for this crummy line up should be given the boot

  3. the only 7 show I want to know the timeslot for is No Ordinary Family, hoping it is a tuesday or thursday when I can actually fit it in, putting it on monday would the worst.

  4. What about kardashians. They already aired 1 or 2 eps of season 3 so they do have the rights and it was rating well. Hopefully it will take place of one of those cougar eps which is also a great show.

    don’t get why people complain about 10:30 timeslots in 2011. Buy a PVR people. You can’t expect networks to air test patterns after 10:30 while they wait for you to do so.

  5. So glad that they’re bringing new 30 Rock and Cougar Town back!! Shame about them being on so late – they really don’t expect people to be watching these hilarious shows do they!!! I totally agree that new 30 rock should move to 7mate but Cougar Town just wouldn’t quite fit in with the more “blokey” image of 7mate.

  6. 30 Rock was promised on 7mate. We got a few repeats at a decent hour before it was pulled and we still have to wait until late night to see the new episodes on the main channel. What a waste! Same goes for Parks and Recreation.

  7. I think channel ten is the only one that understands this whole ‘multichannel’ thing. They aren’t afraid to put some big name shows on its second channel.

  8. Does this mean Private Practise is headed for 10.30 Sundays? Or are they planning on airing it on a seperate night from Greys?

    Keep in mind Seven are airing DH and Greys as a double on the same night now

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