Lee Lin Chin to star in web comedy, The Weekend Shift.

Move over Frontline. The Chin is here.

Warning: language.

Lee Lin Chin is set to star in her own web pilot, The Weekend Shift.

The team behind The Feed are responsible for this self-deprecating look at a B Team of dysfunctional misfits who put the ‘Weak’ in Weekend News.

Described as being in the grand tradition of Frontline, 30 Rock and The Larry Sanders Show,

The pilot follows the team behind the fictional ‘SBS Weekend News’ and their struggles with ratings, budget cuts and getting Lee Lin out of the pub and into the studio.

Nick Smith (Miles Bence – Fresh Blood), a thirty-something Supervising Producer old beyond his years thanks to stress and sleepless nights, leads the rag-tag team including journalists Laura Knight (Madeleine Madden – Tomorrow When the War Began), Emily Wright (Renee Lim – Please Like Me), social media guy Craven (Chris Leben – Victims Guide to Kidnapping), editor Rohan (Peter Moalaeua – Atomic Kingdom) and news host the Chin as herself. Veteran actor Bruce Spence also appears.

SBS warns, “if you want more than just one episode, you may well get it…”

Created by Chris Leben and Nick McDougal (Plonk, Hungry Beast) and produced by Nick Hayden (The Feed, Tropfest, Hungry Beast) and Georgie Lewin (Plonk), The Weekend Shift is the latest in SBS’s long history of quality scripted offbeat comedy, which includes Life Support, Wilfred, Housos and Newstopia.

Monday May 9 SBS On Demand

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