1.37m for Underbelly

Underbelly is #1 for the night with a big Melbourne audience, but Seven still finds reason to smile.

Nine’s Underbelly telemovie Tell Them Lucifer was Here has pulled an audience of 1.37m , ranking as the #1 show for Monday night.

Its Melbourne audience was especially big with 519,000 ahead of 377,000 in Sydney and 196,000 in Brisbane. Melbourne was the setting for the true crime drama depicting the 1998 murder of two Victorian policemen.

But the numbers were down on previous Underbelly premieres (2010: 2.23m) possibly reflecting the challenges of a growing multichanneling environment -or the need for a longer marketing campaign. Given the hype attached to the franchise Seven will doubtless be pleased with Bones attracting 1.2m in the same timeslot. The new-look Four Corners was 681,000 for ABC1 with Undercover Boss in fourth place on 608,000 for TEN.

My Kitchen Rules won its timeslot with 1.33m ahead of a new Two and a Half Men (1.19m) and $#*! My Dad Says (1.06m). Australian Story was 915,000 with 7:30 Report on 831,000. Glee‘s Christmas episode had to settle for fourth place on 769,000.

Today Tonight‘s story on Jeanne Little was just under 1.25m over A Current Affair‘s 1.05m.

Home and Away won its just under 1.05m over a repeat of Two and a Half Men (879,000) and  The 7PM Project (725,000).

6PM with George Negus hasn’t started the week well on 392,000. TEN’s Evening News 372,000 was only just ahead of Neighbours on ELEVEN (356,000), the very show it replaced. No doubt this can be pitched as a positive for the long-running soap. Today TEN is reiterating it never expected big numbers for its long term plan.

Elsewhere last night the return of Media Watch was 573,000, Q & A was 504,000 and Brothers and Sisters (832,000) was well ahead of Good News Week (461,000).

Hot Seat (536,000) beat Deal or No Deal (503,000).

Sunrise (407,000) bettered Today (318,000) while The Morning Show (189,000) beat Kerri-Anne (100,000).

The Circle took a rest while the NFL Super Bowl grabbed 98,000 on ONE and 73,000 on TEN.

Best for SBS was Mythbusters on 298,000.

Nine won the night in primary channels but with a lift in multichannels, Seven took the night in network shares which, against the might of Underbelly, is a result that will surely see a few sighs of relief at Seven.

This week is all about bragging rights.

Week 7

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  1. @ Gil….Glee and Modern Family are two of the best shows on tv at the moment. They are rating very highly in the states and that’s where decisions are made. They won’t be going anywhere. In fact, next weeks Modern Family is probably the best episode of the series. The kids walk in on their parents having sex and mayhem and hilarity ensue as an outcome. Brilliant writing and well executed tv.

    @Scot..the news line up won’t be going anywhere. All thses naysayers offer no alternatives to these programs.

    6pm and the Evening news are far superior to what seven and Nine offer and people will come once they discover. All over the world new dominates this timeslot and Ten need to be in this space. Your point of differnec is over on the digital channels, not on a broad skewing network.

  2. @Gil, I disagree! That particular ep of Glee “never been kissed” was my favorite and I hope that Glee lasts for many, many more seasons as no other show has the heart that it does !!!

  3. thought last night’s underbelly movie was average at best, seemed to be more of the same(I have seen the first 2 series, 1/2 of last years). Lots of annoying loud music throughout it, and the annoying voice over done by the same woman who narated the 3 underbelly series, give it a rest! I won’t be watching the rest of the telemovies based on last night’s viewing.

  4. Glee will be around for one more year and that’s it. It jumped the shark when the teacher kissed the coach – how painful was that to watch! Modern Family won’t last much longer either – its getting too cute for itself. As for Underbelly, I’m surprised anyone is still watching it. The second series was appalling and well I gave last year’s a total miss.

  5. Not surprised about the low ratings for Glee – most fans probably got impatient and downloaded it so that they could watch it before Christmas!!

    The challenge now for ten is keeping up with new episodes so viewers don’t seek to view it elsewhere.

  6. It appears that the new Ten news programs are sinking fast. Remember that when the two point five hour news block was announced Ten indicated that the programs needed 300,000 viewers to be sustainable. Will they keep them on the air if they fall below that magic number?

    If Negus can only get 392,000 on a Monday, what are the ratings likely to be later in the week when audiences traditionally fall as people head out for social functions on Thursday and Friday nights?

    I hope these two programs do get cancelled as we need at least one of the commerical networks to have a point of different in that timeslot.

  7. The shocking ratings for Glee last night demonstrates that Ten should have shown the Christmas episode in December. The Super Bowl episode of Glee attracted 26.8 million viewers in the US, so hopefully when it is on Ten next week, more people will be watching it too. As for the Super Bowl itself, it was up in both total audience (171,000 v 165,000 last year) and audience watching on One (98,000 v 75,000 last year) but down on audience watching on Ten (73,000 from 90,000 last year). In the US it set a new ratings period with estimated audience of 111 million, up from last year’s 106.5 million.

  8. glee’s xmas ep was woeful! the only good song in it was ‘last christmas’ – the rest were disgusting.

    really missed the Circle yesterday, would rather see the girls & col over sweaty oafs running about in a sport that i dont care about.

  9. I wanted to like last night’s underbelly but it was so badly written and executed. Sad state of Australian drama if that’s a hit! The lead was atrocious, simply couldn’t act and had the presence of a wet rag! I can’t believe they didn’t fire him half way through day one of the shoot.

  10. I agree TEN should have shown Glee in December, ratings be damned.

    I didn’t watch the UB special but maybe it’s starting to loose it’s charm with the viewers, can’t wait to see the fallout from the closed captions screw up.

  11. I can’t believe that TEN would play the superbowl ep. when they had it on that day – it was also being promoted (on the FOX telecast) – don’t know if it would have made much difference – but in this tech savvy age – who can say…

  12. Glee‘s Christmas episode had to settle for fourth place on 769,000.

    Non ratings or not – Glee is really a show that has to be shown within a week of its US air date. Christmas in February is crazy, and had they have been up to date, the Superbowl, having the Superbowl episode on last night would have done much better.

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