60 Minutes: Feb 27

Ray Martin has been in Christchurch filing on the earthquake disaster for 60 Minutes.

The Nine show also has a story on the mother of Port Arthur murderer Martin Bryant and a CBS story on Lady Gaga.

A Mother’s Burden
It’s a face only a mother could love. Fifteen years after the Port Arthur massacre, that photo of Martin Bryant still chills the soul. You look into those crazy eyes and wonder if someone should have known what was coming. Was there some tell-tale sign that this man was capable of mass murder? It’s a question that torments Martin Bryant’s mother, Carleen. For the first time, she talks about that terrible day and what would make her son – her own flesh and blood – go on a killing spree that ranks amongst the deadliest of the 20th century.
Reporter: Charles Wooley
Producer: Danny Keens

Going Gaga
Right now, she’s the hottest pop star in the world – and the most outrageous. In just three years, Stefani Germanotta, AKA Lady Gaga, has shot from obscurity to extraordinary fame. But her meteoric rise was no accident. Those notorious stunts and attention-grabbing outfits are all part of a carefully-planned strategy. Her arrival at last week’s Grammys, encased in a Perspex “egg”, just another way to grab the headlines. And, as Anderson Cooper of American 60 Minutes discovered when he joined her on her world tour, Lady Gaga has more outrage in store.
Reporter: Anderson Cooper, CBS 60 Minutes
Producer: John Hamli

From the Ruins
We’ve never known a summer like it. Floods, cyclones, bushfires and now the devastating earthquake in New Zealand. Watching rescue teams going about their grim work has been heart wrenching, but there’s also been incredible stories of heroism and survival. Ray Martin has been in Christchurch.
Reporter: Ray Martin
Producers: Stephen Rice, Jo Townsend

It airs 7:30pm Sunday on Nine.


  1. “Ray is one of our finest journos”.

    I’m not so sure about that one. I can still recall the Paxtons and Ray’s schmoozing interviews of Tom Cruise, Robin Williams and the like.

    He was possibly a good interviewer when he was on ABC radio, but he sold out years ago.

  2. Woooops – my PVR did work, it incorrectly named the recording. No it does not place the latest recordings at the bottom of the list. Then again it only cost $50 plus the HDD I use.

    Okay back to the program. I haven’t watched 60 Minutes regularly for years but this is the 3rd week I’ve caught it and there are some good stories, there is life left in the show still. But why is it the US stories are always 4:3 with black bars down the sides of the screen? I’m 99.9% sure 60 Minutes in the US is now aired in HD format and have done so for several years.

    Can’t Nine get the 16:9 feed off the satellite from CBS?

  3. There are helpers from all over the world, why make out ausralians are something special, you’ve claimed all the best actors, bands and now you claiming disasters.

  4. Aww hell.
    It was inevitable that they’d fly “Mr Australia” out to yet another disaster story.
    Do you remember the trouble he caused when Nine air-dropped him into Aceh after the tsunami? Something about him standing on the beach, smiling happily at the camera as he threw to a feel-good story while behind him the scene was one of destruction, wretched misery and death.
    You’ve had your fifteen minutes Ray, please retire.

  5. Of course this was bound to happen, it’s almost like they keep Ray Martin in a closet some place, dragging him out for stories like this.

    BTW – Will the CBS 60 Min be in wide screen or 4:3. I know for a fact 60 Min US has been done in HD 16:9 for some time.

  6. Armchair Analyst

    This story and event is very sad and yes stories of heroism and strength will be displayed but like with all of these natural dissasters i cant help but think that once again cost cutting and slack laws or people not building or designing buildings in accordance to the laws and regulations are to blame. I also relise that knowing when a earthquake is going to happen and where is very difficult but that’s even more of a reason to design and build buildings to withstand an earthquake as much a possible otherwise what is the point of having an engineer at the helm of a construction of a building. I do not believe that with the human brain that we cant design and build buildings to withstand earthquakes. If that is the case to we cant then the human race is doomed.

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