Airdate: Kidnap and Ransom

Kidnap and Ransom, originally scheduled to air last Friday but delayed due to an rescheduled NT AFL match, now begins this Friday night on ABC1.

This driving, three part thriller stars Trevor Eve (Waking the Dead, Framed) as an international hostage negotiator who takes on one of the toughest cases of his life when an apparently simple negotiation goes awry.

It also co-stars John Hannah (Rebus, Cold Blood), Helen Baxendale (Marple, Cold Feet), Natasha Little (Mistresses, This Life), Emma Fielding (Cranford) and Patrick Baladi (The Darjeeling Limited).

When businesswoman Naomi Shaffer (Fielding) is kidnapped while working in South Africa, expert hostage negotiator Dominic King (Eve) thinks he is looking at a straightforward case – pay what the crooks demand and free Shaffer. He successfully negotiates a ransom figure and flies to Cape Town to complete the handover, but things do not go to plan and the release is botched. As the situation turns into a disaster and his troubles escalate, King realises just how much is at stake.

He is pushed to the limit along with his boss Angela Beddoes (Baxendale) and ambitious assistant Carrie (Amara Karan). When the criminals strike again in Britain and Willard’s motives become more sinister, King must draw on all his reserves to bring the victims home alive. Meanwhile, tensions are brewing at home with his wife Sophie (Little) and teenage daughter.

It begins 9:30pm Friday February 11 on ABC1.


  1. Secret Squïrrel

    This sounds good except for the fact that Trevor Eve is the star. I don’t know whether it’s him or he just gets unlikable characters but I have to turn him off.

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