Airdate: Send in the Dogs Australia, Returning: Customs, 60 Minutes, The Mentalist.

More dates released from Nine:

Sun Feb 13
6:30pm Customs
Damian Walshe-Howling presents the compelling return of Customs. There will be more drug traffickers, people smugglers and international terrorists all caught red-handed by custom officers.

7:00pm Send in the Dogs Australia
Australia is an observational documentary series about the extraordinary and little known work of Aussie police dogs and their handlers in tracking down criminals, missing persons, illegal drugs, explosives and weapons. It’s about the vital and intense bond that grows between the dogs and their handlers, who live and work together, and as a team solve crimes that no one else can.

7:30pm 60 Minutes

8:30pm The Mentalist
An ex-con is murdered shortly after being released from prison after he was exonerated from a rape-and-murder conviction because of DNA evidence.

9:30pm CSI: Miami
“On the Hook” (Syd / Bris)
“F-T-F” (Mel)

Mon Feb 14
10:30pm Crime Investigation Australia rpt.



  1. I’ve seen a bit of the Send in the Dogs Oz thing and it was actually very good – well shot, good stories, quite moving and not OTT – and I’m not normally into these sorts of things.

  2. Oh no 🙁 Mentalist, Bones & Hawaii Five-O all at once!!! I can only watch 1 and tape 1 !!! Change it back to Monday nights and Bones only on Sunday (or else it will also be a problem clashing with Supernatural) !!! Too many shows coming on all at once after 2 months of Nothing.

  3. Secret Squïrrel

    “Customs” – yeah, all those “international terrorists” that we don’t hear about on the news. From what I’ve seen it’s mostly people who bring in banned food items or who have a minor conviction from 10 years ago. Half of the supposed drug mules turn out to be false alarms and are let go.

    “Send in the Dogs” sounds very similar according to the summary.

  4. So Bones, The Mentalist, and Hawaii Five-0 will all air at once? :O

    I guess Castle/CSI: Miami/NCIS: LA will be equally hard for the crime nuts. I’ll stick to Smallville.

  5. Hmm interesting re the mentalist. What’s going to Monday? rescue special ops? I’m sire the competition would be happy about that if it was the case.

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