Bumped: House

From next week House moves to a new timeslot, 8:30pm Mondays.

This replaces an NCIS repeat which is currently scheduled.

“You Must Remember This”
While the team work on curing a woman suffering from temporary paralysis, Foreman becomes Taub’s tutor and House plots sabotage against the new woman in Wilson’s life.

TEN isn’t yet saying what its plans are for 9:30pm Wednesday but it’s worth noting that it has a double Blue Bloods in play from 9pm this week. House is out this week.

Monday will be at least the third night House has been screened over the years on TEN, following Wednesdays and Sundays. It now also moves up from a 9:30pm to 8:30pm show.


  1. About time. Now all they need to do is move NCIS:LA to Tuesdays after the original and move Lie to Me to Wednesdays…then they should be in better form.

  2. Yay have been waiting for Ten to move it here. I put it in this slot in a mock schedule last year on mediaspy. It should of moved in that slot last year instead of being on 9.40 Sunday after The Good Wife which it is not compatible with. I think it will do well with Bones out of the way up against This is your Life on 9 and Conviction Kitchen on 7. The only drama in the timeslot, it should also win the demos. Ten need to really promote the move. According to TVCentral, NCIS repeats at 9.30 Tuesday, Lie to me 9.30 Wednesday. This should lift ten shares, though I think Lie to me and Blue Blood should be switched around

  3. Thank you David! Your site should be compulsory reading to anyone who watches TV!

    What’s with channel 10 this year? They are becoming the most erratic programmers out of the lot! Very annoying!

  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to extend The Biggest Loser to 90 minutes permanently on a Wednesday. Also wouldn’t surprise me if they decided to burn off Blue Bloods in double episodes

  5. I’m glad when they moved it to Sunday I quit watching because I’d probably have to choose between Supernatural and House right now. I wonder if there’ll be others that will have to face that choice. If so I will point out that Season 5 DVDs (and Blu-Rays) of Supernatural are out right now (might be on sale in March). Although I like the Eleven promos including of other shows. Including Smallville. Too bad I can’t watch it.

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