1. @Secret Squïrrel
    You’re right on both counts!
    1) Actually I was going to list Pictionary as my game of choice because none of my friends can draw, so it’s always a cack despite its many drawbacks,
    2) Yep, no question, Adrian Edmonson’s “…Complete Bastard” is an absolute classic that should be used as a character building tool in Australian educational institutions at all levels!

    Both are great reasons not to suffer through commercial TV on Sunday nights.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    @steveany – perhaps, except that I find Trivial Pursuit to be banal (Ludo with questions). It’s also annoying as more than a few of the questions have incorrect or incomplete answers (esp the original ed.).

    Nope, its Adrian Edmondson’s “How to be a Complete Bastard” for me. How would it be possible to have more fun than drawing your favourite fruit on your face in pen or swapping undies with the person sitting next to you? At least not while keeping (most) of your clothes on.

  3. David from Melbourne

    They are good figures for Nine’s 5.00pm news. It wasn’t even listed in the Age Green Guide. Viewers must have been looking for it on 10 and found it on 9.

  4. I guess we’re on Bones autopilot and by default, Castle. I never really got into the Mentalist. Thursday night is the most crowded in terms of what to watch, what to tape and what to disregard.

  5. It amazes me how everyone in the industry and on this website (especially) over estimate lead ins. This is 2011 not 1980…people switch more than anything. They know a show is on at 7-30 doesnt mean they sit there from 6pm waiting…or if they are watching one show doesnt mean they just leave the TV on because some shit comes on. Really amazing…eugh

  6. Really enjoyed Murder on the Orient Express last night. It was much edgier than the usual, slightly trite adaptations of Christie novels. I’ve seen some criticism that it departed from the novel too much but I don’t think that’s fair – Agatha Christie was a great mystery creator and so that element remained unchanged, but she had little to no idea about characterisation or about tackling deeper issues in her writing, so the screenwriter’s decision to create a more complex Poirot and inquire into the nature of justice actually improved on the source material.

  7. @dee123: there were massive crowds at Good Vibrations music festival and St Kilda Festival in Melbourne yesterday (430,000 went to St Kilda Festival according to Seven News) so that could explain low audiences in Melbourne last night.

  8. Could it be that people have finally realised how truly banal and exploitative commercial TV has become and so took the ‘Trivial Pursuit’ game out of the closet?

  9. “The Story of the US” on SBS is great, just a shame we’re getting the short version. “Out Of The Ashes” on ABC was great also, life always finds a way to bounce back. Then I switched over to watch a movie one PayTV.

  10. @nic c – too many US crime procedurals in the 830 Sunday timeslot which is why all ratings across the 3 networks are quite small!
    Not to mention that the extra digital channels are clearly having a big effect on viewing numbers! I’d be interested in seeing the percentage of digital penetration now!

  11. Wow, The Mentalist was ratign higher with repeats over summer, than a first run new ep. I thought the move to Sunday would pay off, but clearly not!?! I wonder why. Even CSI Miami rated better on a Monday night!

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