Monday simmers as more shows premiere

More new shows attracted their first audiences last night in the lead up to official ratings on Sunday, which gives us a glimpse of where shows may be likely to travel.

In entertainment offerings Bones was the strongest performer at 1.22m ahead of a repeat of The Mentalist on 984,000 and new Undercover Boss on 738,000.

Earlier at 7:30pm a new episode of Two and a Half Men won its slot with 1.21m just ahead of My Kitchen Rules on 1.2m. The premiere of $#*! My Dad Says was 1.18m for Nine while a new episode of Glee was singing with 1.01m on TEN.

The return of Brothers and Sisters also won its slot with 1.00m viewers at 9:30pm but Nine and TEN were not running new content against it.

In the new multichannel enviroment they are nearly all decent figures.

The game show war is already tight with just 4,000 between them. Hot Seat narrowly beat Deal or No Deal on 561,000. Both were new episodes.

6PM with George Negus has started the week lower than its premiere (when curiosity would have been higher) on 540,000. TEN Evening News was 487,000. It was better news for The 7PM Project on 901,000.

The final episode of Grumpy Guide To… was 616,000 for ABC1 and a repeat of Mythbusters was 260,000 on SBS ONE.

With more first-run content on offer Seven won the night.

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  1. And here I was hoping that TVTonight may finally move to at least somewhat embrace and acknowledge the importance of demos in daily ratings reports in 2011.

    Well, there is always 2012!

  2. @ David from Melb: They have to start somewhere though don’t they (TEN), at least they are trying. I think 6pm has been top notch stuff so far… maybe it would be better having it at 630 against the terrible TT and ACA, Simpsons back to 6pm and drop evening news. Having said that I would give it at least 6 months as is, the ratings are comparable to Simpsons/Neighbours anyway, with time they will rise in the same vein as 7pm (TEN would hope).

  3. @ Julia and steveany, I saw the first 10 mins of “Sh.t my dad says” and I had to switch channels. I’m a big fan of Bill Shatner, but the first word of the title describes the writing in my view. Bill also seemed quite stiff, maybe even a bit nervous. I like to give a new show a proper go, but I just couldn’t in this case.

  4. @Julia, He was brilliant in the show, though I could be biased cause I’m a big fan of Shatner but there’s not many actors who could have played the role Ed, me I think there was only one other actor and that was Peter Boyle from Everybody Loves Raymond but sadly he passed away.

  5. What did other TV Tonight readers think of ‘Shat my Dad Says’?

    I was going to watch it , but then saw a so-called ‘sneak preview’ so unremittingly unfunny that it made me gag, so I watched a repeat of Mythbusters then read a book. But I’m curious to see what more discerning people than me thought of it.
    Nine shot themselves in the foot with that preview or it would have been 1.8 mill +1 last night.

  6. 7PM’s ratings are so erratic. I wonder if there is any formula to which episodes get the higher/lower ratings. Certain days? Certain host combinations? Certain feature/advertised stories?

  7. So glad there was a new episode of Glee.. After watching so much tennis I needed something light and fluffy to break up the monotony! Completely forgot about $#*! My Dad Says though – was it any good? I follow him on Twitter, but from the commericals I feel like William Shatner wasn’t the right choice for the dad.

  8. David from Melbourne

    While The George Negus Show has a lot of merit it does not sit right at 6.00pm. More an 8.30 show on SBS where George Negus belongs. I just wonder how long they will keep this programming as the evening News is not right at 6.30 either. I know it takes a while for habits to form, but 10 has never had a News/CAFF profile. i.e no 60 mins. no Sunday, no 4 Corners and I think it will take a long time for them to convince viewers that are a serious News channel.

  9. I think the year leap from last seasons finale wasn’t dealt with very well, however, the story starts to pick up very soon! There are still some very funny moments, like the kids thinking that Nora is a lesbian! (Episode 2) Classic!

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