NCIS tops Tuesday

Another glimpse into the way audiences are trending ahead of Sunday’s ratings indicates a healthy state of affairs.

Seven and TEN both pulled some good numbers, while Nine opted not to run a full night of first-run content in its early evening schedule.

NCIS was the top show of the night with an impressive 1.44m viewers. It thrashed Parenthood‘s 727,000 and Top Gear on 636,000. Next week it has to compete against Rafters.

But there was also very good news for Seven’s My Kitchen Rules rising to 1.27m, a lift from its premiere which is very good news indeed. It beat Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation’s 836,00 and Two and a Half Men‘s 749,000.

A replay of Hawaii Five-0 also won its slot on 738,000, an encouraging sign for TEN.

The 6:30pm Evening News (471,000) actually beat 6PM with George Negus (443,000).

Sunrise was more than 100,000 ahead of Today.

Seven won the night, but TEN knocked Nine into third place.

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  1. @Craig: New episodes will top a million, eps we’ve seen 4 times probably won’t. I mean it was a very good ep of Top Gear however it’s been shown at least twice on SBS and then an unknown number on Nine/Go! its to much, give us a break from Top Gear until the new eps appear.

  2. New Your Gen episodes start next Tuesday. Those ratings for the Hawaii Five-0 encore are crazy, would be surprised if the second episode didn’t hit at least 1.5m now, with over 1.9 having watched the first episode.

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