Prisoner on 111 HITS

Ok Prisoner-diehards, here is the date you have been waiting for.

Ok Prisoner-diehards, your wish has come true.

111 HITS will begin its replay of the classic series from episode one on Monday March 7th.

Screening weeknights at 6.30pm, you’ll no longer be stuck with Today Tonight and A Current Affair. Or even Neighbours.

Whether you’re a screw, a top dog, a freak, or just curious, there’s something for everybody on one of Australia’s most gritty, ground-breaking and captivating soap operas Prisoner.

Based around the lives of the staff and inmates at a high security all female prison, Prisonercomes complete with power struggles, friendships and rivalries as well as exposing the hardships of incarceration and separation from families. Prisoner developed an instant international cult following as it pushed the boundaries, tackling issues such as homosexuality, murder and violence like never before, thereby cementing its place in our history as one of the most watched Australian soaps ever.

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  1. I hope they dont edit the edna pearson episodes it is a shame that they had to do it originally because some fruit loop complained hasnt she heard of any resembelance to any person is purely coincidental

    I was watching real prison breaks on CI last night and one of the escapes was done by hijacking the laundry van and driving it through the gates maybe they got the idea from prisoner LOL

  2. As far as Prisoner being shown uncut, i’m pretty sure that the episodes that featured the Edna Pearson storyline will still be the edited versions. The episodes were originally edited due to an Australian woman claiming that the Edna Pearson storyline was based on her and the producers didn’t want to risk a lawsuit. However you can now buy these episodes uncut on a DVD set called Prisoner Cell Block H – The Edna Pearson Story.

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