Q & A: “Will you marry me?”

It was Valentine’s Day after all and even Q & A host Tony Jones couldn’t resist the charm of a studio proposal by one of the audience members.

After wrapping the panel discussion last night, Jones introduced a question which had been asked during rehearsal from Michael Brody to Samantha Ireland.

Michael: “My question’s not actually going to the panel tonight, it’s going to this beautiful girl next to me.”

With that he got down on bended knee.

“I just want to say, Sam, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Michael then produced a ring to which the blushing Sam said “Yes.”


You can see the moment at the very end of the show on iView (and you can easily skip right to the end at 55:50).


  1. Oh look at the cynical people, go back under your rock. it was brilliant and who cares if it was corny, it was Valentines Day, biggest corniest day of the year. 😀 Congrats to them. Tony should marry them.

  2. David from Melbourne

    Regardless of the above it was an excellent show last night with good guests and good topics. And I know twiiter helped cause a revolution in Egypt, but that doesn’t mean we have to have it foisted on us during Q & A. If they feel they must use it why not give us e twitter free feed on ABC 24 so that we have a choice.

  3. Yeah, I think these public marriage proposals are a bit doubtful. There was one on Deal or No Deal just recently (perhaps it was a repeat) – anyway, I’m not certain the girl was genuinely saying “yes”, just that she didn’t feel she could say “no”.

  4. Wow, how…….romantic. She will look back on that moment fondly. Talk about coercion – is she really going to turn him down in front of the whole nation?

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