Airdate: Survivor: Redemption Island

At long last Survivor: Redemption Island is finally here, guys.

It begins with a double episode from 7:30pm next Tuesday on GO!

The 22nd season begins with 18 castaways, including Russell Hantz and “Boston” Rob Mariano, arriving in Nicaragua and learning that ousted players are sent to Redemption Island, where they live in exile and are given a chance to re-enter the game if they can defeat other banished players in head-to-head competitions.

NB: Beware of reading any EPG synopsis as they already contain Spoilers.

Update: GO! has now tweaked its EPG synopsis to avoid the Spoiler. Cheers.

Hellcats and Pretty Little Liars are out of schedule.


  1. well….as i said…survivor will be on GO! or Nine with in the next 3 weeks!
    and there will be a very good chance it will be a double ep the following week..

  2. @ Ron – Yes it has been unfortunately replaced with Law and Order classic eps and The Closer . Apparently the reasoning behind it was because a show on One HD almost beat it last night.

  3. Hellcats was about to go on hiatus anyway. The show will take an American production break until April 19th.

    As for Pretty Little Liars – the show is off for just one week. It will return the following week.

  4. Agreed … it’s too late!! The only time for reality tv as popular as survivor is to fast track it so that fans don’t accidentally see spoilers before episodes air here!!

  5. It was being advertised for main ch9 as late as tues. This is obviously all very last minute. Mon 9:30 would have been good instead of those useless Parkinson specials and 2nd eps of Harrys law. Tues 10:00 also good

  6. If I was an advertising client of Nine/Go!’s, I’d be pi**ed at losing value for my dollar. They’d better catch up pretty quick to make it up to them and their audience.

  7. Hellcats and Pretty Little Liars are out of schedule

    So they make some fans happy and peeve off the rest. Surely PLL and Hellcats can be rescheduled ? Yes they don’t rate as highly but Nine doesn’t give anything a chance like Ten.

    Why is it that Ch 11 can maintain after 2 months a very stable schedule yet all 3 of Nine’s channels are a basket case of unstable changes. I mean after being beaten by One HD , GEM removes trouble in paradise ?

  8. good news

    i was about to watch the episodes in another form

    hopefully they stick with the double episodes for a few weeks to catch up at least

  9. Woo Hoo so glad that Survivor is coming back but nnnnooooooooo don’t take off
    Pretty Little Liars, please put it back to 9:30pm Monday nights. It’s a great show.

  10. You would think that with Ch 9 losing the ratings to 9, and Survivor last time getting around 800,000 or so last year, they would have put it on the main channel. It seems to me that this wasnt the original plan, otherwise they would have aired it on Go! a week after it aired, not 4 weeks after. And what about Hellcats or Pretty Liars? They were on Monday, then Wednsday, then Tuesday, how about back to Monday?

    I can’t see Survivor cracking big numbers on GO!, good to get what Amazing Race is getting, around 300,000.

    I don’t think this schedule will stay till the finale.

  11. It’s a pretty competitive time slot, so that will keep the ratings down one would think, but i’m just happy it’s back on. Was hoping for Gem to get it in HD. @ dee123, couldn’t agree more, with so many shows failing on 9 you have to wonder why it’s not on the main channel once again.

  12. Finally! is all i can say. I’m starting to think my, and many others’, persistant Facebook comments may have had an impact!

    Anyway, the main thing is that Channel 9 has finally woken up to the fact that they do have digital channels as options.

  13. So Hellcats and Pretty Little Liars have gone kaput? Don’t watch either of those shows but there’s a lot of vocal fans out there.

    And at least Survivor followers finally get what they wanted to watch a month ago

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