City Homicide finale

Seven has scheduled a finale episode of City Homicide later this month, but still no word on its future.

Seven has scheduled a finale episode of City Homicide later this month.

A dying man confesses to murder, but who were the victims of this long buried crime? Then, Attorney-General Lombardi orders the Homicide Squad be shut down, however Duncan and the team are determined to close one last case.

This episode airs 9:30pm Wednesday March 30th.

The network is yet to clarify whether the show will resume production or not.

Most media reports have indicated the show was axed.

When All Saints ended Seven only clarified its status long after the media had reported the show was over.

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  1. I am from America and started watching City Homicide online from it’s first episode to it’s last over the course of the last week and was really disappointed that such a great show was axed. It was a great show.

  2. will be very disappointed if it is the end – it has been a fantastic series featuring great writing and performances. I agree that Seven has treated it very badly in terms of changing timeslots and nights – why is it that so little respect is shown to both viewers and the hardworking teams that put together great shows like this?

  3. I remember City Homicide’s glory days of 1.6 million a week. Seven’s stuffed this show around by switching time slots all the time – this has made the show die a slow death. I think the show is great. Much better than any of Channel Nine’s wannabe cop shows. It’s a shame cheap american crime shows out rate it.

  4. Seven’s in-house approach to drama is pretty anachronistic. Time for an overhaul – but who will take the helm after John Holmes leaves? It’s been the Bevan Lee /John Holmes show for two decades. Isn’t there anything else they feel like doing in life?

  5. Sorry to see City Homicide limp out this way. This has been a terrific series, showcasing some great locations and storylines, especially the one around the murder of Bernice Waverleys son. Shane Bourne and Noni Hazelhurst have been particularely enjoyable.

  6. Such a shame to lose such a high quality Aussie cop drama.

    I understand Aussies are sick of cookie cutter cop shows, but this one stood miles above the others, the writing was brilliant, the acting was top class and the stories were compelling and engaging (most of the time).

    I don’t watch the other shows (Rush, Cops LAC, Rescue: Special Ops etc), but I do watch this one and I will miss it terribly. Shame it couldn’t run as long as the woeful Blue Heelers did.

  7. Judging by the summary of the episode it looks like it will be the Series Final unfortunately. Although the overnight figures haven’t been great it does do pretty well in timeshift almost always getting an extra 100,000 viewers. Great show that I will miss.

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