Footy Show gives Nine a ratings win

Channel Nine has won the night in ratings, only its second in the survey year, thanks largely to the lure of the AFL Footy Show.

Channel Nine has won the night in ratings, only its second in the survey year, thanks largely to the lure of the AFL Footy Show.

It was the No. 1 show of the night in Melbourne pulling 414,000 viewers in its home city alone. By comparison the NRL version was only 160,000 in Sydney. Get ready for another year of the AFL show propping up its northern partner (and watching the Logie taken by the Sydney crew again?). The national figure for the shows was 806,000 ahead of Desperate Housewives (656,000), and Law & Order: SVU (567,000).

Top show for the night was Seven News on (1.15m) over Nine News (996,000) and 6pm with George Negus (350,000).

The Biggest Loser won its timeslot (943,000) over How I Met Your Mother (810,000 / 903,000), RBT / Getaway (850,000 / 895,000) and 7:30 / Catalyst (661,000 / 574,000).

was also a good drawcard for Nine winning its slot with 922,000 over Grey’s Anatomy (810,000), Turn Back Time (632,000) and The Good Wife (610,000).

(387,000) bettered Today (343,000).

Oz And James Drink To Britain was the best for SBS on 203,000 and Zumbo was 200,000.

Neighbours was the top show on multichannels but slipped to 297,000.

As a result of the strong mid-evening audience, Nine pulled ahead of Seven with a 30.8 share ahead of Seven’s 28.5%.

Week 11

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  1. I’m a rugby league fan and i detest the NRL footyshow. The AFL footy show is way more entertaining. I think Sam Newman has alot to do with that. The NRL panel’s combined IQ equals just one of host’s of the AFL.

  2. Analysis of the game has always been a low priority with the Footy show. By using the AFL/NRL angle, it dampens the expectations of the standard of comedy. How much would Ben Elton have wished for such an understanding audience!!!

  3. It still looks like many people aren’t watching TV on Thursdays. I remember when Glee was on thursdays and used to pull in 1.3 million.

    Law and Order SVU was terrific last night. Deserved much better numbers

  4. @Nathan from Extra Source Podcast it will be again when they get rid of beau ryan. but the afl footy show has been strong for year.s and it will stay strong for year. i can’t say that about the nrl footy show

  5. The NRL Footy Show commercials were enough to turn me off for yet another year. Same bogan humour. These low figures would indicate even bogans are now giving it a miss. I’m a fan of Vautin (always thought he was the best in the show’s hey day) but there must be some agreement with David Gallop to keep it on – any other show in prime time getting 160K viewers would have left town a long time ago.

  6. @ Nathan from the Extra Source podcast – Not surprised at all that the NRL version did poorly ratings wise when it was basically 3 obese blokes sitting around waiting for one of them to have a heart attack…

  7. @Geoff – totally agree. I enjoy both codes, but the AFL version (which, being in Sydney, I watch at 1130) has better talent and higher production values. You’d think after 18yrs, Fatty Vautin would at least know which camera to look at and how to string a sentence together

  8. @ Nathan from the Extra Source podcast, I’m pretty sure the ratings prove otherwise and that the AFL Footy Show is a much better program as a program. Nothing to do with which code is better, it’s just a more effective show.

  9. Good to see the (AFL) Footy Show back, nine would be happy but the NRL version is still struggling with ratings. Is nine under contractual obligation to keep showing/producing it?

  10. The footy show wins its ratings at least this time because of how easy it is to watch. You dont have to think because you are constantly entertained by the shananigans of Sam Newman and Shane Crawford. If anyone wants real footy news and reviews switch over to One week at a Time

  11. I don’t think those figures are sustainable for Negus, but it is a good show and if 10 are half serious about News/CAff. they will not give it the chop, but move it to a more appropriate timeslot. And while they are there they should bring Neighbours back to 6.30 on the main channel where it belongs. Simple really! I think the only problem is putting a few egos out of joint.

  12. I’m stunned by the number for the NRL Footy Show, I’m not surprised but I always imagined the numbers would be higher.

    Out of curiousity were there any numbers for the Game Plan on ONE?

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