Hot Tip: Survivor

Attention die-hard Survivor fans.

Dont miss next Tuesday’s double-ep of Survivor: Redemption Island on GO!

Can’t say any more….

What a great season this is turning out to be!

Airs 7:30pm.


  1. be alright if they advertised it to start on go , plus, they didn’t show the whole start, typical nine and others. If you watch the 1st episode on the net, you will see what they dropped.

  2. Agreed. I’ve been dying to talk about this season of Survivor, particularly episode 3 but couldn’t because Nine have taken so long. This season is bloody awesome. So much happened in the first few episodes.

  3. I say it every season and I’ll say it again “Have these contestants not seen the previous seasons?” Dumbasses. Loving this season.

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