Housing crisis returns for Rowena Wallace

Last year actress Rowena Wallace gave an interview on Today Tonight in which she said she was facing homelessness.

Concerned viewers flooded Seven with offers of accommodation from bunking in with families, to granny flats and similar low-rental housing. Wallace was touched by the show of support.

So it’s disappointing to learn today that she will be evicted from her current accommodation at a lodge in Wonthaggi on August 1st.

Her unit is one of four on the property to be knocked down for high-care accommodation.

The former soapie star, best known for Sons and Daughters, is now on the pension and can’t afford local rental prices.

“Because I am a single woman, I am elderly (and) I don’t have any family, it is kind of not easy sometimes,” she says.

Charity group Bethlehem Community Inc is helping her search for a roof over her head and Wallace is set to appear at a Bethlehem Homework fundraising ball in April.

Wallace was given a six-month suspended sentence for social security fraud in 2005, and struggles with severe scoliosis, arthritis and ongoing depression.

Wallace said she was just one of many women in such circumstances being helped by Bethlehem.

Last week Today Tonight said former soapie star Abigail was a squatter with husband Adrian Wright in northern Victoria, but it later emerged she had been a victim of 3 floods.

Source: Herald Sun



  1. I think there can be many opportunities for these actors who still have alot to give to our community. especially if they need a helping hand financially and their skills and experience would make a difference. eg. bringing these actors to Indigenous communities to run acting workships or casting preparations. i am an Indigenous person and see this type of project as a fulfilling and economically empowering activity for all concerned. I do not have the resources to make this happen so i hope someone reading this sees this as a viable and long-term project to support.

  2. @ gypsy, Rowena has put herself out there on Today Tonight, discussing her plight etc. She was offered accomodation by many people and for some reason decided not to accept the offers. She seems like the type of person who would prefer to live alone, not in a shared house, so your offer would not be attractive to her. You shouldn’t tell commenters who aren’t offering help to be quiet. Perhaps she is discussing her plight to appeal to producers to cast her in a show. Either way, she has been offered help, hasn’t accepted it and as I said earlier, I’m all out of sympathy for her.

    • But Garry are we sure her current accommodation didn’t come from the offers? I agree it’s in the media so viewers are entitled to an opinion, but as I said earlier I doubt we have the full story.

  3. How is it possible to be the highest paid soapie star in the country at the time and now be homeless? Are we supposed to feel sorry for her? What a publicity seeking fool…

  4. Just saw ACA Tonight the story was about her housing crisis,they put together old footage of her previous interviews over the years with channel nine.Only difference with they spoke to some neighbours.TT story last year she was suppose to have been offered free housing………..l always loved her performances on tv over the years and always felt sorry for her with all her problems.But enough is enough Rowena,she has played all her problems out in the media for years unlike other former soapie stars who have problems as well,but they dont seek media attention.Rowena will be offered a new house from Housing commission for sure,but she still wants the public to feel sorry for her.Sorry many people in society are suffering all sort of problems,but Rowena wants everyone to feel sorry for her.

  5. After seeing some pictures of Rowina on Today Tonight, i would look up Cushings syndrome, many of her symtoms and pictures remind me of Cushing’s.


  6. Leave the woman alone. If you can’t offer help keep quiet. Roweena, we are your age couple in a very large house with my elderly father. Soon we will be moving to a beautiful lake front home not too far from where you are You are welcome to be a part of our family rent free, only share expenses.

    Best of wishes

  7. Why didn’t she take up one of the many offers she had when she went begging on TT. Some of the places being offered were really nice, and private, and rent free ! I’m all out of tea and sympathy for Rowena.

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