Lara Bingle, Brynne Edelsten for Dancing with the Stars

The next Dancing with the Stars will be car-crash telly with Lara Bingle and Brynne Edelsten coming our way.

The Herald Sun reports the two have signed on the dotted line.

Memo to Sonia Kruger: we’ll be expecting lots of irony please.

Edelsten, the shy and retiring wife of Geoffrey Edelsten, has been rumoured as a potential cast member before. Her over the top wedding attracted all sorts of headlines, photos, celebrities and gossip.

Lara Bingle proved an even bigger media magnet when her relationship with cricketer Michael Clarke went bungle.

Back in 2006 Bingle was a cast member on Dancing On Ice coming in sixth out of eight. This does raise questions about the original premise of Dancing with the Stars being celebrities who had never danced. But that’s been raised several times before (Nikki Webster, Toni Pearen etc) and the show still pulls a crowd.

For that matter the question of actually being a celebrity has been raised plenty. The train left that station yonks ago.

The show is set to be a mid-year series for Seven once again, expected around late May / June. Will Seven be forced to rest Sunday Night once again, or will Dancing shift from its 6:30 timeslot? Ask MasterChef.

Source: Herald Sun.


  1. I wonder if Maria Venuti has ever been approached, she’d be a good one. I don’t care who they have, as long as they’ve got a decent ex footballer for some eye candy.

  2. @newtaste, no doubt she would be if she could be. Channel 7 would probably also be enthusiastic if they could overcome the minefield of legalities. Good call.

  3. Why not invite that creepy orangutan from the ING ads, the Happy Dragon, Raymond the Ram & Barbara from Bankworld and rename the show ‘Dancing with the Galahs’!

  4. The formula of this show is always the same!! Famous spouse, young hot female, one person from Rafters, one from Home and Away, a footy player, one or two comedians, radio or TV host, another sports star, reality contestant, musician… then a D-list celeb who no one actually knows!

  5. We need a new power called the Judges Save, Similat to American Idol where One Contestant is Saved Per Season. Maybe Dancing with the Stars could use the Idea for 2011 and Beyond.

  6. Im actually glad channel 7s now in SD as HD would show all the lines on Sonia’s face and not to mention Brynne “Im only 27” add 15 years darling.

  7. I predict Lara Bingle will be voted off before week 3. Whilst she is well-known, she is not well-liked, so she won’t hang around for long. I have a gut feeling that Brynne will be a train wreck, so public fascination with her may lead to her hanging around for a while.

  8. Okay, where are the stars !!! Surely this must be a breach of the Trade Practices Act for false advertising…. where is Today Tonight when you need them

  9. “For that matter the question of actually being a celebrity has been raised plenty. The train left that station yonks ago.”

    Love it. It’s what we’re all thinking.
    David, you’re hilarious! xx

  10. it should be re named dancing with the duds we found who are looking for another 15 seconds of fame. it’s bad enough the edelsten gets an invite to the brownlow every year to show off her skankness. this is woeful by 7

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