Million Dollar scheduling: Stop the Drop

Nine's erratic tinkering with its newest game show isn't good for anybody, as another change takes effect.

Another change from Nine Entertainment Scheduling Inc. sees Million Dollar Drop dropped from this Thursday night in Melbourne.

But a new episode will still play at 8:30pm in Sydney and Brisbane.

Melbourne will now get a new CSI episode.

Next Thursday all three cities will see MDD on Monday and Thursday (more changes notwithstanding).

This will mean CSI episodes will now differ in some cities.

At this stage CSI returns to Sydney and Brisbane on April 7th.

Other cities: TBA.

Nine’s scheduling certainly feels like a dartboard of changes and not an ideal way to launch a new show. Thursday may be affected by sport in various cities, and perhaps MDD was doomed against an AFL opener in Melbourne.

But wasn’t it a Monday night show to begin with?

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  1. I am disappointed with the show tonight aired in Melbourne.
    I couple were asked what colour m&m was most prominent in the original packaging of M&Ms.

    They choose $640,000 on yellow. They were dropped because the answer was Blue according to the shows executives.

    If you visit the wikipedia site en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M%26M’s#Color_changes_in_chocolate_M.26M.27s
    You will see that Blue was not introduced till 1995 and M&Ms have been around since the 1940’s.

    Also on the M&M history mms.com/us/about/mmshistory/ blue was voted in in 1995.

    Therefore, if you go buy the question what colour was most prominent in the original packaging, Blue in fact origianlly did not exist, only red, green and yellow.

    Therefore, i my opinion this couple on the show were ripped off big time …..

  2. @ KC Jones & kupkake : I think what they meant by ‘original’ M & M’s was just that they sould be the normal chocolate ones (ie not peanut or any promotional pakages). Not ‘original’ in that they were in the first packages.
    It is a stupid show though. You obviously need to be a complete nutcase to get chosen for the show.

  3. Like kupcake said previously I believe last night’s contestants gave the correct answer to the M & M question. I used to eat M&M’s many years ago as a child and I couldn’t remember any blue M&M’s and thought that yelllow was the correct answer. I checked on the M&M site and as kupcake states there were no blue M&M’s in the original packages. Hopefully Channel 9 will do the right thing and award the prize money to the contestants.

  4. Nine has gone to the dogs since Kerry Packer died.The only decent things worth watching on there are Big Bang Theory,Getaway and Farmer wants a Wife and when it was around Humphrey Bear who I had the pleasure of meeting way back in 1985.

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