Oscars night upset as cooking takes the win

Nine's Oscars night had to watch Seven walk up to the podium and take home the award for Monday, thanks to a little cooking show.

It’s enough to make a programmer drop the ‘F-Bomb.’ Nine’s “Oscars night” proved to be another winner for Seven.

My Kitchen Rules‘ team challenge, which dangerously resembled a typical MasterChef challenge, was the #1 show of the evening again, at a cool 1.46m viewers. It beat a new Two and a Half Men / $#*! My Dad Says (982,000 / 804,000) and Glee (909,000). The 7:30 Report / Australian Story were (819,000 / 790,000).

Seven’s run continued with Bones (1.08m) just inching ahead of the refreshed This is Your Life (1.04m). House pulled 685,000 and Four Corners / Media Watch were 632,000 / 611,000. A Man vs Wild repeat had to settle for 289,000 but there are new Free to Air episodes next week.

Brothers and Sisters was 744,000 over Q & A on 567,000 with Good News Week at 554,000.

The Academy Awards replay averaged 505,000, higher than the live broadcast on 353,000.

At 7pm Home and Away was the winner on 1.05m, ahead of ABC News on 1.03m and The 7PM Project on 755,000. But Nine experimented by dropping Two and a Half Men in Brisbane (its national average was therefore 614,000). In Brisbane a Big Bang Theory replay was 147,000 down on the 183,000 for the same slot last Monday. Nine will need the audience to be aware of change before it can deduce too much from those figures.

6PM with George Negus starts the week with 425,000, slightly above the 418,000 it got last Monday. By contrast TEN Evening News drops from 342,000 last Monday to 324,000 last night. It was beaten by Neighbours on ELEVEN at 363,000.

In network shares Seven has still only lost one night in the ratings year thus far.

Week 10

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  1. Who knows what Nine will do for the 7pm slot Australia wide for the rest of the year?They will have to think of something though.

    I did the other week see the River Boys Stunt on Home and Away as there was no 2.5 men on and was disgusted.All of a sudden crap like that makes the nonsense Charlie Harper gets up to look tame by comparison.

  2. As a self-confessed award show tragic I readily admit that it was a boring show. I watched it all during the day but would have been hard pressed to sit through the whole thing in the evening. Hopefully it will be better next year. They need hosts that can engage and audience. Ricky Gervais would have kept everyone alert.

  3. I know they showed it live but why have the re-run starting so late? They should have held off on This is your Life and started the Oscars an hour earlier.

    If I was interested I would have recorded the ‘live’ coverage and then watched it when I wanted and FF through the ads and boring bits.

  4. They were the worst Academy Awards ive ever seen , the Bob Hope was funnier than the 2 co -hosts.Yukko and in answer to DansDans question about the extra channels , pure profit thats it , more adds and they can show old shows they dig out of the Vault , have you seen GEM on the weekend all that HD space on crap old movies not even in widescreen, its a farce mate.

  5. I watched during the day, but then also timeshifted so friends and family could watch later at a reasonable hour and without the edits. I really think this is a classic example of how 9 no longer shows any respect for the audience. Why not suspend normal programming and put it on a 7 or 7.30 so that people can still get there sleep!!!

  6. @David, what’s the legality involved in one reasonably successful reality style cooking program mimicking, paying homage, call it what you will, another? As you mentioned in your article, last night’s MKR bakeoff “dangerously resembled” Masterchef. I’m assuming the format, staging, running order and a host of other aspects of these programs are closely protected?

    1. Like a Down Under / Kookaburra, every case is different. Basis of copyright gets back to execution of ideas, not the idea itself. If Shine felt like they had a case it would be up to them to prove it. There are dozens of cooking shows. There are dozens of game / variety / assorted genres.

  7. Nine have absolutely no idea. None.
    Which fool made the call to premiere a revamped This Is Your Life on Oscars night?
    Which fool decided 9.45pm would be a good time to start a pre-recorded telecast of the Oscars?
    I think times are so tight there, stationery budgets have been wiped out and no one has calendars anymore so no one saw the Life/Oscars clash.
    In a year when Australia was so well represented at these awards, they had a real opportunity to pull in good numbers with a 7.30pm start.
    That said, MKR was a great show last night.

  8. Half a million people to watch an awards ceremony where a) we already know the results; b) it starts too late; and c) ends even too later (sic); is probably a good number. If I had the day off I almost certainly would have watched it live. No way was I watching last night.

    The ‘live blogging’ available is a decidely more fun way to keep track frock by frock, gong by gong, gaffe by gaffe.

  9. Well I watched the awards on Starpics HD time shifter by about 40mins.

    How many other people like me that watch every year watched live on foxtel. On Starpics, or Starpics HD. Or time shifted.

    If I wasn’t able to watch during the day, I would have still recorded the starpic hd one to watch when i got home.

    In past years Channel 9 has edited the award ceremony, cut out awards and so forth. Plus on too late to watch.

    I wonder how many people are like me?

    1. TVT has ratings figures in the Archive going back to 2007 where you can search for figures for the last 5 Academy Awards but remember the multichannel landscape has changed. Or you can click on a show’s Tag and that should also bring up AA stories for 10 / 09.

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