Seven wins Monday, but 7:30 starts nicely for ABC1

The first night for the new-look 7:30 may not have won its timeslot but it still did relatively good business for ABC1.

The first night for the new-look 7:30 may not have won its timeslot but it still did relatively good business for ABC1 pulling 805,000 viewers.

Most reviews for the show under Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann are generally positive, branding it as a case of “Do not adjust your set.”

But it was My Kitchen Rules that again ruled he slot with an impressive 1.4m viewers ahead of Glee on 1.02m and Two and a Half Men on 903,000. A new Mythbusters was 323,000 for SBS.

A Current Affair‘s interview with former Hey Dad! star Sarah Monahan gave it a win against Today Tonight with 1.15m over 1.14m. The scandal gave it a win where last week’s TV reunions with Young Talent Time and Prisoner could not.

With the good lead in, Conviction Kitchen (942,000) also won its new slot of 8:30pm over This is Your Life (774,000), House (733,000), Four Corners (724,000) and a first-run Man vs Wild (362,000).

At 9:30pm Brothers and Sisters (768,000) took first place over Q & A (620,000), Good News Week (538,000) and a disappointing result for Parkinson: The Frost Interview (461,000) -will Nine now run Frost in Parkinson in the same slot next week? Doubtful.

Seven easily won the night.

Week 11


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  1. @ Davis, Glee doesn’t typically do “song” promo’s until the Wednesday night of a week anyway. I normally watch both YourGen & NCIS on Tuesday night’s on TEN and normally it’s just the less used “storyline” promo that Channel 10 would already have as they can copy the current Fox one.

    It’s not going to hurt the ratings at all by being caught up, if anything it’s going to Help Glee because if the “other means” crowd know they only have to wait 5 days to see the episode on television without “other means” they may wait and actually watch it on TV.

  2. surely the Frost/Parkinson specials would have been better suited to at 7:30pm saturday slot over two weeks? the viewers simply aren’t there at 9:30pm to commit to watching a 90 minute program on a monday night

  3. @Johnson – TEN didn’t really advertise anything about underage drinking. What they did manage was a song promo, which seems to help ratings. But now, caught up to the US, they again seem to have no promo material. If they can’t get promo material until after the US broadcast (so, until Wednesday primetime at the absolute earliest), it will harm their ratings.

    Better, but not great, numbers for TEN at 8:30 and 9:30 too. It’s definitely a better schedule than with Undercover Boss or new/rpt NCIS at 8:30.

  4. @Brad: I was surprised to see Glee attracting 1 million viewers. Obviously the target audience was more interested in the topic in last episode (underage drinking) than watching Home and Away stars sampling breakfast cooked by teams from My Kitchen Rules. And yes, next week we are up to date with the US in terms of Glee episodes.

  5. This Is Your Life was boring last week. I must be getting old because when I saw this week that the guest was Geoff Huegill, I switched off. He’s too young to have an hour’s show devoted to his life.

    I don’t think this program will last if they don’t get a better calibre of guest (Ie people who are old enough to have had interesting lives)

  6. Good to see Glee back over the 1million where it should be … maybe a sign of approval that we have finally caught up to the US once again! Or maybe just a sign of people giving up on two and a half men (finally!!!)

  7. ” disappointing result for Parkinson: The Frost Interview (461,000)” – but surely not surprising. One has to wonder at the scheduling logic at Nine thesedays. I doubt many under 50, other than journalists, would know anything of David Frost (unless you watch Al Jazeera). Witness the blue rinses and bald heads in the theatre.

  8. 9 cannot get a win, this is your life was the only bright spot of their schedule last week, this week it’s a write-off already. And the ratings came in just hours after Charlie sheen was fired from 2.5men. Tough.

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