Winners & Losers delivers in second week

Winners and Losers again topped the evening with 1.56m viewers, showing all the signs of a healthy new drama.

Good news for Seven today with a solid audience retention for Winners and Losers in its second outing.

The show again topped the evening with 1.56m for its first episode and 1.42m for the second. After averaging 1.61m last week for its premiere execs will be duly delighted by those numbers.

NCIS (1.13m) did respectably for TEN but Top Gear tanked on a dire 647,000. The audience is now sceptical about the way Nine has played out the show. Last night’s was a first run UK ep which had re-packaged the ‘Ashes Series’ battle first seen in Top Gear Australia on 1.53m.

Winners and Losers
again lifted above My Kitchen Rules at 1.5m viewers which again trounced the opposition: Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (965,000), The Big Bang Theory (862,000 / 681,000), 7:30 / Foreign Correspondent (681,000 / 535,000) and an Insight repeat (158,000).

On multichannels last night Neighbours averaged 334,000 while Survivor: Redemption Island was 305,000 across two episodes.

Seven cleaned up the night once again.

Week 14.

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  1. I can’t really pinpoint it but somehow I think the acting got worse in the 2nd/3rd episode. Right now I’m watching Damages and going from a show where the acting is immaculate to Winners and Losers just shows a contrast of day and night.

  2. I found it very hard to like or even care about this show I can’t even remember the characters name but in saying that it will probably still rate ok and next week has michaela banas so it may improve. I might just watch survivor since I got spoilered this morning reading this website

  3. Top Gear is over. Nine would be well advised to remove it from their current schedule.

    I’m sitting on the fence with W&L. Whilst I’m glad it is not a cop or medical drama, I can’t see where it will go from here. Then again, I’m not a particularly imaginative person. Agree about the stereotypical characters and there were some gaping credibility gaps last night – the eavesdropping waiter tipping off Virginia Gay’s business rival at the restaurant was absolutely preposterous.

  4. So far I’ve counted 5 actors in this show that were once on Neighbours: Dylan Timmons and his mum, Blair McDonogh, Michala Banas and the cute cop from Neighours was in the first ep.

  5. @ ducko, you’re absolutely right, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I was simply asking Richard why he watched the show a second time if he thought it was so bad. He has since explained he was giving it a second go.

  6. I really like this show. It reminds me of aussie soaps when aussie soaps were still really fun to watch. Speaking of which, there are two Timmins family members and Blair McDonogh in the cast, which leads me to ask, is there someone who worked behind the scenes on Neighbours in that era (early to mid 00s) that is involved with Winners and Losers? If someone knows I’d be interested to know.

  7. @garry. I was giving it a second go along with my wife. Basically cause we saw the pilot episode last year when 7 were screen testing the show. Not sure if I will be watching next week, however due to the state of free TV at the moment, there’s nothing much else on!

  8. 7 should be very happy with winners&losers. i think it was a very good promotion. the ads were on high rotation enough to hype it up, but not over selling it, so we got what we thought we were getting. I remember tens promotion for Offspring, annoying music, corny dialogues, very repetitive in every ad breaks, and way too female skewed. there is no real reason Offspring couldn’t have had a similar level of interest in atleast the premiere as W&L if it was promoted better.

    ryaneco, maybe a 2hour finale for both rafters and W&L, and if W&L runs through one week of easter they should finish within the ratings year. at the end of the day, having too many episodes of hit dramas is a pretty good problem to have.

  9. I watched most of last nights ep and don’t feel I’ll be going back in a hurry.
    Putting that balding Blaire bloke aside (just shave it already, mate!), the character of Jenny is just downright annoying and shoot a hole through the telle Elvis style.
    She basically whinged her way through last nights ep till her friends felt sorry for her and gave her some of the dough she wasn’t entitled to. She’s sour, surly, and she mopes around hoping for pity from anyone in ear-shot. She may as well have been cast as the lead in ‘Eat Pray Love’ with that attitude.

  10. Seven will have to do another double episode of Winners and Losers before Rafters returns so that both shows can fit into the ratings year; assuming ofcourse that both will air Tuesday 8.30 – W&L is 22 eps which with this double and continuing through Easter will finish in August; Rafters still has 16 eps so would need to premiere August 9th to fit 16 episodes into the Ratings year.

  11. Like many I gave it a second go and will probably give it a third as well. I think the writers need to be careful however, expecially with the red-head and her family, who are such stereotypes there seems very little space for her (or them) to grow – the others are also gross stereotypes but hopefully will get a life soon – it could become even more trite very quickly

  12. @RichardW, unfortunately I agree with you. It’s little more than soap. There’s been a drop of 50k, then 100k from one ep to another and I’m not sure last night’s offering will bring ”em back in droves. I hope I’m wrong.

  13. I’m still confused as to why Channel 7 decided to run a double episode of Winners & Losers last night. Are they in a hurry to get through the episodes before bringing Packed To The Rafters back? Or what?

  14. Yeah what is up with this supposed W&L “double episode”? It finished at 10:10pm and then they decided to play a double episode of Cougar Town, rather than showing a particular show that I enjoy watching of a Tuesday night at 9:30pm… Was this always the plan?

  15. Wow suprising considering the 4 friends just don’t seem believable, poor acting on par with a teenage drama plus a silly storyline. The only good thing about last night was that Jenny stuck her finger up at Todd McKenney.

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