Winners & Losers delivers in second week

Winners and Losers again topped the evening with 1.56m viewers, showing all the signs of a healthy new drama.

Good news for Seven today with a solid audience retention for Winners and Losers in its second outing.

The show again topped the evening with 1.56m for its first episode and 1.42m for the second. After averaging 1.61m last week for its premiere execs will be duly delighted by those numbers.

NCIS (1.13m) did respectably for TEN but Top Gear tanked on a dire 647,000. The audience is now sceptical about the way Nine has played out the show. Last night’s was a first run UK ep which had re-packaged the ‘Ashes Series’ battle first seen in Top Gear Australia on 1.53m.

Winners and Losers
again lifted above My Kitchen Rules at 1.5m viewers which again trounced the opposition: Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation (965,000), The Big Bang Theory (862,000 / 681,000), 7:30 / Foreign Correspondent (681,000 / 535,000) and an Insight repeat (158,000).

On multichannels last night Neighbours averaged 334,000 while Survivor: Redemption Island was 305,000 across two episodes.

Seven cleaned up the night once again.

Week 14.

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  1. Networks do read these blogs, especially this one. They need to keep an unbiased idea of how a show is being received. Also, cast and crew often read these blogs. Most of how a show is pitched is a construct to provoke reaction, so it is interesting to come on and see how loved/hated characters are.
    The network know they are on a good thing with this show, so whether we personally watch a show or not, they know there’ll be over a million people who will….no great loss to them if we switch off.

  2. @DavidKnox: By “these” posts I meant the daily ratings posts, not the weekly ones. From memory they have never acknowledged demos. Maybe just a few references at least? Here and there?

    No real need to reference all three demos. Nine and Seven both programme for 25-54 primary, and Ten programmes for 25-54 secondary, so I think that is a good consistant one to focus on.

    I know advertisers have this info, and general public is more interested in total people (because that is what they understand) but it’s important to remember the only reason OZTAM ratings exist is to dertermine advertising rates for networks. And those are based on demos.

    The whole industry is based on demos, and I think it’s important TvTonight at least acknowledges that and incorporates it in daily ratings posts. As both an industry and consumer site, could TVTonight not take it upon itself to ‘educate’ the oublic a little about demos – and that’s that what relaly affects and drives what we see on our screens?

    Just a thought. You know I still love you David!

  3. This sounds a little familiar. Didn’t Chances start off with a lotto win and an over-sexed character? Does this mean we’ll be getting the bizarre fantasy storylines that show ended up exploring when the writers couldn’t decide where to go after the lotto win?

  4. I reckon the Networks do read this blog. Even though they have their own forums for different shows, the comments there are mainly favourable. On this blog they can read the criticism too and hopefully take note for improvements.

  5. There are a few ex Neighbours peeps behind the scenes on WaL, but I don’t think they’ve got any casting influence. I just think Damien and Nell are good solid Melbourne based actors so who wouldn’t want them. And I think Janae does pop up soon too (another Gross sister maybe), so that does make three Timmins’. Really hoping next week’s ep is better cos the second ep last night was pretty ordinary.

  6. Just on demos does anyone know when did demos become an important part of a program’s ratings and become important to advertisers? Is it just like in the last 10 years or has it always been the case?

  7. @mobo, it’s a pretty long bow to draw in comparing the acting on Damages with W&L. It’s apples and oranges, as they are completely different shows. Damages is a full-on legal thriller/drama whilst W&L is more a lighthearted drama/comedy. I take your point, though, that the acting on Damages is immaculate, totally agree with you there.

    @Lisa, I fail to see how TV Tonight reporting on who got eliminated on last night’s Survivor is a spoiler. It isn’t. A spoiler is when something is reported as happening before the fact, not after it.

    @Russell, speaking for myself, I couldn’t give a rat’s about demos, I am more interested in total viewership of a program.

  8. What’s with the new chick in NICIS – I can’t figure out if she is meant to be young or older because of her terrible plastic surgery.

    If they were a real office, they would have been investigated for sexual harrassment, illegal use of their equipment (the hacking), possible bullying tactics and no doubt a whole raft of other things.

    Just about over it, which is a real shame, because it used to be a favourite 🙁

    1. Russell: ‘Ever’ makes it sound like I never have, which isn’t quite right. But I do have to weigh up the time to report demos x 3 for each show vs what connects with readers vs what other news I would have to forgo reporting to accommodate. Whilst advertisers are keener on demos they already access that info but as you know the broader public is more interested in Total People in Australia. I agree demos are relevant but I have to weigh up their editorial worth and how much I can incorporate into an online story. Timeshifting results are a similar issue. Just don’t think it means much to report that Brothers & Sisters went up 44,000 two weeks ago….. That said, we’re in a changing landscape so I never say never.

  9. ETA – I just checked the 7PLUS site, ep2 is listed as 41 minutes long, ep3 just 25, why? Why make a 1 hour drama just 25 minutes long?

    What the frak is going on?

    Also checked the guides, any chance they will be adding a replay of last nights eps?

  10. IMO Top Gear & Mythbusters have no place on a typical commercial network (9). There are just far too many ads that either end up in parts being cut or the show running over time which people get annoyed at.

    Aside from that channel nine made the huge mistake of drowning us in Top Gear when they first got the rights, and to an extent they’re still doing it now.

    The ads, running over time, timeslot, over saturation, and that new episodes were replaced with repeats stopped me from watching, and will keep me from watching on Nine.

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