Airdate: AFP: Australian Federal Police

Nine has finally announced the premiere of AFP: Australian Federal Police.

It will premiere 8pm Tuesday April 26 -a week before survey ratings resume, presumably to help it get some traction.

The long-awaited factual series is produced by Andrew Denton’s Zapruder’s Other Films. Originally promised for 2010, it was held up while awaiting court cases.

Never before has an Australian audience been given such unprecedented access to the work of Australia’s national and international policing agency.

Produced over almost three years, and filmed in more than eight countries, Video Journalists were embedded in major operations from people smuggling to counter terrorism; bomb disposal to international drug syndicates; child sex exploitation to disaster victim identification.

By the looks of this trailer it appears that Jennifer Byrne is the narrator.

Looks very impressive.


  1. Nine will be hoping this does a lot better than their orginal AFP series a couple years which bombed in the ratings and was cancelled after a few weeks. Maybe the international aspect of this series will lift it’s audience figures.

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