AFP update

Episodes of AFP: Australian Federal Police, due to air this season, have been pushed into the second season over classification and legal issues.

Next week the show is replaced by a new episode of Customs.

There were two more episodes to come, including one case known as ‘Operation Glatton’ uncovering child sex exploitation. It was always facing an issue with the 8pm timeslot.

Producer Anita Jacoby recently told TV Tonight, “Federal Agents in Sydney go online and discover a child in the Philippines is being abused. So they have to try and identify who is behind it and they discover a number of ‘boy-lover sites’ here in Australia and start tracking them outside Australia.

“As a result of a bust in Sydney it opens up other leads they can go and track overseas.”


  1. @Terry the ratings are woeful but I don’t doubt that it is due to Nine’s shocking scheduling of it in such a competitive slot against AGT and MasterChef. It premiered very well and I think it has its place on the schedule just on another night.

    Plus due to how long the show has to be in production the second season is probably already well on its way before season 1 even started airing.

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