Bumped: Renters. Gone: Neighbours at War

Expect some adjustment to summer schedules as Nine makes a switch to next Wednesday.

2014-11-27_2009Summer non-ratings may be upon us but it doesn’t mean networks will be prepared to let low-rating shows sit in the schedule.

Nine has already made a switch to next Wednesday night bumping Renters to 8pm and replacing it with a repeat of Customs.

NZ observational Neighbours at War, which rated 632,000 viewers this week, is out.

Wednesday December 3rd
7:30pm Customs
8:00pm Renters

Expect more changes from networks as new summer schedules settle.

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  1. I wrote an E-mail to Greenstone saying that the New Zealand Narattor was 100 times better than the Aussie and way way funnier. Still waiting for a response. Renters was the same. I was so fuming that they changed narrators

  2. If it was up to me, I would get rid of ‘the non-ratings period’. It is archaic in today’s media environment and does not help FTA’s cause as it is just an excuse to show rubbish.

  3. I hate summer shows. I wish the networks could give some effort to first run programming like in the states and not give us the same old repeats of stupid Border Security or those cop shows.

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