Airdate: Angry Boys

The Sydney Morning Herald today confirms that Chris Lilley’s new series Angry Boys will debut on Wednesday May 11 at 9pm.

The timeslot is no surprise given Spicks and Specks returns on May 4th with a one hour special.

This will give ABC an entertaining Wednesday night line-up, particularly from 8:30pm onwards with Spicks and Specks, Angry Boys, Hungry Beast and At the Movies.


  1. Amazed at all the haters…just come to terms. Chris is one of the best, ratings and reviews have proven this. Get over yourselves, if you cant enjoy a great program, take your dog for a walk.

  2. @effdee, judging by the ratings for Chris Lilley’s previous series, not to mention the record breaking DVD sales, I’d say a lot more people want to see Angry Boys than The Gruen Transfer.

  3. OMG! 12 weeks of this sickening boring pathetic drivel, oh god please tell me it isn’t true!
    Please wake up ABC1 a lot of us want ‘good’ programs like Gruen back ASAP! not this total s**t.

  4. Looks like we Aussies get to see it before the US does (and on iView first, before those in the US will be able to catach-up on it Hulu and HBO’s own site).

  5. They wont put Gruen at 9:30. You can bet your life it will follow Angry Boys. It’s a good call. We don’t need Gruen burnt out like Spicks and Specks.

  6. Can’t wait for this season. I’ve been re-watching Summer Heights High on the Comedy Channel, and looking forward to new stuff from Chris. Also, small typo… Spicks & Specks returns May 4th not April 4th.

  7. Gruen Transfer will probably be straight after this finishes, for an early August start.
    I can understand why ABC have done this. Spicks and Specks is the best lead-in and they probably want to try and attract a few more viewers to Hungry Beast.

  8. This is awesome news! I’m really looking forward to it. Can’t wait???

    But with 12 episodes from May it will go into August, yes? What does that mean for The Gruen Transfer? A timeslot change or just a late start to the year?

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