Returning: Spicks & Specks

Adam Hills, Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough are back later this month.

Adam Hills, Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough are back for a Spicks and Specks special celebrating Ausmusic month.

Joining them are panellists Missy Higgins, Brian Mannix, and comedians Rove and Nina Oyama.

In 2020 a further three specials will air. Having already staged 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s specials the team now plan to delve into music of “the 90’s, noughties and the as-yet-unnamed 2010s.”

7:40pm Sunday November 24 on ABC.

2 Responses

  1. I loved this show it was great entertainment. I was sorry when it ended. The new one that came out wasn’t anywhere near as good as the original. I think it was down to the characters.

  2. Definitely looking forward to the special, as well as seeing the Brexit beard that Adam is growing. This would probably mean that Spicks and Specks won’t be shown on ABC Comedy on November 24 (same thing happened last year when it was preempted because of last year’s special).

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