Unaired Spicks and Specks resumes

Remember those episodes that never saw the light of day?

2014-05-29_2325In case it may have escaped your attention, those unaired episodes of the cancelled Spicks and Specks have quietly returned to ABC.

They are screening 8pm Friday nights on ABC.

This week Josh, Ella and Adam are joined by musician and actor Bobby Fox, songwriter Nai Palm, comedians Tom Gleeson and Paul Foot.

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  1. I haven’t seen many eps of this version of the show, but I think Josh makes a better host than Adam Hills did.

    The only thing wrong with this version is that the other version was made first. Had this group hosted Tractor Monkeys or perhaps even Randling, it would have been fine.

  2. I’ve been watching but missed the first new episode because there was such little fanfare. Most disappointing that the episodes aren’t on iView for me and others who might have missed the very easy to miss news. I was so used to repeats that I didn’t realise, and I hate that I’ll miss one of the few new episodes I could have seen.

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