Airdate: In Their Footsteps

Nine will soon premiere In Their Footsteps, a new factual series which sees family members retrace the journeys of their ancestors who served for Australia during times of war.

Part documentary, part personal journey, the ten part series from Shine Australia has been created by the producers of the acclaimed 2001 series Australians at War.

This one sounds like it should appeal to viewers who love to watch shows like Who Do You Think You Are?

It will air from 6:30pm Sunday May 8th, which means no more Sunday editions of A Current Affair for the time being (this week 60 Minutes moves to 6:30pm because of the Logies).

In Their Footsteps, a 10-part series about Australian families rising to the challenges, enduring the deprivations and dealing with the lasting scars of war, premieres Sunday, May 8 at 6.30pm on Channel Nine.

In each episode an everyday Australian will embark on a powerful personal journey retracing a close ancestor’s intense wartime experience. They will walk in the footsteps of their forefathers across battlefields from Gallipoli to Fromelles, from Kokoda to Vietnam.

Part documentary, part personal journey, the series will follow the stories of soldiers and sailors, pilots and prisoners – the ordinary people who did extraordinary things when they volunteered to go to war for their country.

In discovering these 10 unheralded heroes, viewers will also rediscover the keys to the identity of our nation – making In Their Footsteps a program for all Australians to enjoy.

Developed by Shine Australia, In Their Footsteps has been created by the producers of the award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary series, Australians at War.

Executive producer Michael Caulfield said: “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work with Nine to create this landmark series. These stories are as much about Australian families as they are about our wartime experiences, told in a way that’s never been seen before.”

In Their Footsteps will shine a bright new light on Australia’s wartime history, bridging the past to the present for a modern generation of viewers.


  1. We have just returned from a visit to The Somme so especially loved the episode on George Hannaford aired the week we returned home. Plan to download and watch previous episodes from the website and hope there will be another series. Best show on Chanel 9 for a long time.

  2. Desperately searching for the music featured on this great show. Heard a song on tonight’s episode (26/06/11 at around 18:49). Lyrics went something like: “Would you wait for me?” Female singer.


  3. Seems like some good quality programs are coming to Nine (good to see AFP rate well last night). They just need to keep some consistency!

    Nine actually might start picking up in the ratings now … oh wait, MasterChef.

  4. Didn’t think they’d put it at a time I could watch. And I was right! Hint: I watch SBS News. Probably with some of the audience that watches Who Do You Think You Are? Sigh.

  5. Sounds a little like a cross between The Digger special they had on the History channel Monday night and Who Do You Think You Are? Just a shame Nine didn’t schedule this for a few weeks earlier… but then they would have missed the ratings I guess.

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