Airdate: Tony Robinson Explores Australia

The History Channel will premiere its latest locally-produced series, Tony Robinson Explores Australia next month.

Robinson, who has previously appeared in Time Team and Ned Kelly Uncovered as embarks on a case study of our past, looking back upon our earliest explorers, white settlement, indigenous Australians, multi-culturalism and our role in two world wars.

In this exciting new 6 x 60 minute series, iconic British actor, comedian and television host Tony Robinson – best-known for his role as Baldrick in television series ‘Black Adder’ as well as popular history series, ‘Time Team’ – takes us on a quirky romp through time and place and reveals a history that will surprise and sometimes challenge what we know about our land down under.

Throughout this colourful series, amazing stories of conflicts, hardship and discovery are revealed for the first time, as Tony brings his energetic and very funny hosting talents to the screen.

Filmed on location around Australia in November and December 2010, Tony is also joined on his mammoth journey by some of Australia’s foremost historians and writers, including Tim Flannery, Thomas Keneally, Eric Wilmott, and Geoffrey Blainey.

From the search to identify the Great Southern Land, through the colonial trials and tribulations, right up to the establishment of a dynamic modern Australia, Tony Robinson covers a huge amount of ground as he reveals the key events and major influences that define Australia – and Australians – today.

For example, the first Englishman to step ashore was not Captain James Cook but a pirate, a century earlier. And, if the evidence of an amateur Egyptologist is given any credence, the first person from the northern hemisphere may have visited Australia thousands of years before that!

Airing weekly over six fascinating episodes, Tony will retrace the steps of the earliest explorers, delve into the harrowing stories of the early days of white settlement, find out how indigenous Australians responded to their invaders, look at the turning points in Australia’s development and explore the influence of multi-culturalism and two world wars on Australia’s relationship to Britain – the Mother Country.

Tony will also discover that, in some ways, Australia is more British than Britain – and in others, Australia is of course worlds apart.

It airs from Tuesday, May 3 at 7.30pm on History.


  1. I have explored this site and surrounding area recently and believe the site is genuine. I also discovered New heiroglyphs not far from the burial site which have Never been seen before.
    I have mapped the area with Google Earth and believe the site covers a rather large area. Further discoveries will be found both North and South of the burial site, plus the actual burial chamber has a “hidden” entrance on the South end of the chamber. There is much still undiscovred in the surrounding area.
    I am getting “images” of where to look but unfortunately lack of private transport and resources have restricted further investigation.
    My new photos are available and hope to present New material in the near future.

  2. Hans-Dieter von Senff Ph.D.

    The grave of Nefer-ti-ru at Kariong was build by Nefer Djeseb some 4.500 years ago. Having studied the Hieroglyphic site, the underground chambers (inc.) Photos, the airshaft which are all invisible from the surface, prove that this site is the real Mc. Coy, despite the adverse comments by self proclaimed experts.

    As I have the translation of the Glyps in my possession and presently I am engaged in the preparation of a book on the Kariong Hieroglyphic site, which in it’s construction is probably unique in the world, as no grave has been discovered were the grave is constructed like the coil of a giant snake. (Nehatari)

    The absolute indifference of the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Service and the row of Governments, which is slowly permitting the destruction and filling in of the walled entry to the underground site is criminal. Thanks heavens that photographs exist, so that the walled entry to the half chamber can be reconstructed at a future date.

  3. He has a great show on now in the same time slot “Man on Earth” which explores how climate change has affected human history, make me wonder how much climate change now is going to affect us (the human race) in the long term.

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