Extra co-host for Studio 3

Hip hop dancer James Elmer has joined ABC3’s Studio 3, a block of kid’s programming hosted by Kayne Tremills and Amberley Lobo.

Elmer, who made it to the Top 50 in 2010’s So You Think You Can Dance , recently finished filming a role in the Canadian/Australian children’s show, Splatalot, which will air on ABC3 in late 2011.

“To get this job was amazing! I’m very grateful for the opportunity and hope Kayne and Amberley don’t get sick of me when I pull out my Michael Jackson moves or sing to them when they’re in the make-up chair. I’m keen to make the ABC3 audience laugh, so stay tuned because not even I know what’s about to happen next!”, he said.

Jan Stradling, Executive Producer for ABC TV’s Children’s Television said, “James really stood out in the auditions as someone who has the ability to talk under water! He’s full of fun and on top of that, he’s an amazing dancer and singer. He’s someone who I think will continually surprise our audience, which is a great asset to have on a daily show.”

Elmer began with Studio 3, which airs at 7am and replays across ABC3, earlier today.


  1. deedeedragons

    @Armchair Analyst: just brought Daria set from U.S It’s aged pretty good but they changed about 90% of the music due to copyright.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    ABC 3 is ok. Not great just ok. It could easily be better if the abc have bothered to aquire better content. The problem i see is that the channel a) shuts down at 9pm which is ridiculas sonsidering all 7 to 16 yr olds are still up at hat time. b) the content is lame needs more classic content which was way better ie Animorphs, Daria, Captain Planet and many more. The channel has potential no doubt about that but the content is letting it down not to mention to time slots average.

  3. I was trying to figure out what was going on here – with Amberley being away recently I coud not figure out if she was leaving the show for good and if they searching for her replacement.

    All is now clear.

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