Midsomer Murders kills off the competition

The final Midsomer Murders sliced up the competition pulling 1.22m viewers, nearly twice the audience of Hawaii Five-0.

The final Midsomer Murders sliced up the competition last night, pulling 1.22m viewers, well ahead of a new Mentalist (869,000), a Bones repeat (805,000) and nearly twice the audience of a new Hawaii Five-0 episode (666,000).

Otherwise the night belonged to Seven, leading from 6:00 – 8:30pm.

Sunday Night‘s interview with the family involved in the AFL scandal pulled 1.25m viewers and managed to beat The Biggest Loser (1.10m) and A Current Affair / Customs (953,000 / 845,000).

Border Security was just under 1.3m viewers and The Force was 1.27m, defeating 60 Minutes (1.17m) and Modern Family repeat / Bondi Rescue (867,000 / 891,000). The excellent Human Planet on ABC1 was 697,000.

Best for SBS was The War You Don’t See on 267,000.

The top show on multichannels was GO!’s The Big Bang Theory on 300,000.

Seven won Sunday.

Week 16

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  1. That was a bit of an average episode of Midsomer Murders, I must say. The retirement almost seemed kind of tacked on. Still, I liked the reference to Badger’s Drift (the first ever episode was set there). I only wish he’d said they were moving to Jersey.

  2. David agree with you about the Human Planet – a fascinating series and last nights story about the blind woman was so touching and handled brilliantly. This has become must see tv for me and another triumpg for BBC World.

  3. I haven’t watched this for years – ever since I realised that I went to sleep every time I tried.
    As it’s the last one, I recorded it to watch sometime.
    When I’m not tired for example.

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